What Is the Difference Between a Power Washer and A Pressure Washer?

Tough and stubborn stains make surfaces of your houses, cars, commercial buildings such as industries and hotels appear dull. The only option left is to look for powerful cleaning options that will quickly eliminate the stains in a matter of hours using less effort and workforce. The cleaning options are either power washers or pressure washers that clean dirt, grease, gum, paint, weeds, or algae. Cleaning using a pressure washer or power washer is done occasionally or periodically; therefore, for an individual looking to clean the exterior of your home, you do not have to purchase the machines. In this case, you can check out Power Washing DuPage County, IL, which offers cleaning services for houses, small hotels, small commercial industries, and many more. Let’s take a look at the differences between the power washer and the pressure washer:

What Is a Power Washer?

A power washer is a machine that uses highly pressurized hot water to clean salt residue, hardened gum, algae and kills bacteria. The high temperature of the hot water makes it dangerous for the users, but it is easier to remove a stain. Furthermore, the hot water activates the ingredients of the cleaning agents used to clean surfaces. Also, pigments like gums or hardened rubber are melted off quickly from the surface because of the high pressure and hot water. On the other hand, the combination of high pressure and hot water may destroy fragile surfaces such as stone pavements, wood decks, or patios.

What Are the Types of Power Washers?

There are two types of power washers in the market. It all depends on the type that you want. The two types are electric-powered power washers and gas-powered power washers. So why should you choose one over the other? Not that electric-powered is better than gas-powered power washers and vice versa. It is because they have different features, each having its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Electrical Powered

As the name suggests, the electrical power washers use electricity to run the machine to remove the tough stains. On the other hand, be ready for the shift of the electricity bill because it consumes a lot of power.

  • Gas Powered

The gas-powered power washer uses gas to run the machine. Besides, the gas power washer has more pressure compared to the electrical power washer. The downside of this machine is that more water gets used when cleaning the surfaces.

Can You Purchase a Power Washer?

Big industries, hotels, and commercial places like airports prefer purchasing power washers because they frequently need to clean their floors and the exterior environment. In contrast, small businesses and house owners would prefer hiring a contractor to clean their surfaces. Mainly, house owners wash their exterior when it is time to renovate; this is years later after purchase and, that is because the house got rusty or they would like to sell. It is easy to rent from contractors or buy one from a store or manufacturer for power washers.

Power Washer and A Pressure Washer1

What Is a Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer machine is a machine that uses water that is highly pressurized to blast dirt, weed, dust, mildew, and mold off the surface. The pressure is between 1300 to 2800 PSI. Moreover, the pressure is high because water is from a tank that heightens the pressure. Therefore, when using it, start with the lowest pressure to the maximum to avoid accidents or making any mistakes. Water pressure is perfect because it cleans various surfaces such as vinyl, stone, brick, aluminum, and wood surfaces. Therefore, get ready for your sidewalks to sparkle and revitalize your patio. The pressure washers also come in different nozzle types that get used for various activities.

Pressure washers use different water temperatures, either hot, cold, or steam, to clean. Besides, pressure washers combine both steam and hot water, which is the most efficient to use.

Purchasing of Pressure Washers.

Pressure washers depend on high levels of PSI and large tanks. Consequently, this makes them more difficult to purchase in stores. The ones sold by manufacturers are the 750-30000 PSI, which is unaffordable. Hence, it is easier to hire it from contractors or pay them for the services they offer.

Generally, power washers and pressure washers sound the same, but they function differently. When hiring a contractor, ensure to specify your end goal so that they use the appropriate machines. The type of machine used also depends on the kind of surfaces that you wish to get cleaned. Power washers and pressure washers both focus on removing contaminants and completely eradicating mildew, fungus among others. The downside is that both of them slowly damage surfaces as compared to soft washing.

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