What is The Best Product for Home Pest Control?

If you’ve ever had to deal with a cockroach infestation in your home, then you’d know it’s one of the worst nightmares around. Apart from the consistent and annoying noise that they make, they are also capable of damaging your resources and causing different ailments. Indeed, getting rid of these nasty creatures is an arduous task, and the damage they make to your home increases with the length of their stay. As such, you should take swift measures like getting in touch with firms that specialize in residential pest extermination and removal around Los Angeles to get ahead of the situation.

However, winning the fight against home pests can be multidimensional. There are many effective products out there that can help you keep these nasty creatures at bay. In this article, we will talk more about the best products for home pest control. 

TERRO Killer 

This product is what you should turn to if you are constantly in battle with ants in your home. The product has a bait that ants can’t resist moving to. All you need to do is to open the killer in a place where the ants gather and see them crawl towards their death. You can use this product in and outside your property. The bait is also perfect for any weather as you can put it in the rain without getting damaged. Furthermore, the manufacturers ensured that the bait could fit almost any corner of your home. 

Content and Potency

It contains borax. This is a very deadly substance capable of exterminating pests within weeks. The mechanism of action is such that it doesn’t kill any ant that comes in contact with it immediately. Instead, the ant dies some days after it takes the bait to its home and thereby shares the poison with other ants. This way, you have a greater chance of wiping out every ant colony in your home in no time. The compound in the bait is pretty toxic, but you shouldn’t be scared of you or your family getting harmed. The bait is well coated and hard to reach the liquid unless it’s intentionally pierced. 


Appropriate regulatory authorities approve the bait for home and domestic use. It also comes with a plastic tray to convey the bait to any corner of your property. This way, you won’t have to touch the chemical with your bare hands. It’s also carefully designed to enter even the tiniest of corners in your home. It is weather-resistant and can be used anywhere within your compound. 

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Advion Gel

This is another product that comes close to the one mentioned above. They are instrumental against cockroaches of any kind. It is made as gel bait and can be placed anywhere within the house, even your cooking space. The product comes in a pack of four syringes filled with the bait. All you need to do is press some of the gel in all nooks and cranny of your property. To get the best out of the product, ensure that you spray the gel onto any cockroach that you lay your eyes on. 

Mechanism of Action

Just like the TERRO killer, this gel stays active for a while. Sometimes, it can last for as long as two months. All roaches in your property will come to the bait and die immediately. However, they’ll have to consume the bait to get killed. Hence, it would be best if you replaced any eaten gel. Some of them will take the gel to their colony and expose other roaches on your property. You will notice a significant reduction in pest population on your property in a matter of weeks if you apply the product correctly. 

The product is safe but must not be ingested by humans or pets. One downside is that it makes the whole place a little bit messy and leaves a heap of dead roaches in your home after use. 

As we noted earlier in the article, there are numerous products out there capable of helping you win the fight against these nasty creatures. You do not have to give in at any point in time. However, you should ensure that any product you wish to use indoors is EPA certified and is safe for indoor use. You should also endeavor to keep them out of children’s reach and pets if you have one. The product must not be exposed or placed in a place accessible to everyone. Lastly, it should be safe and pose no toxic harm as a result of being used indoors.

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