What Is The Best Type Of Residential Garage Door?


As much as you have to choose a type of garage door that can make a massive difference to your home’s appearance, cars have also gained more importance in our lives. Garage doors take up to a third of the front house, so ensuring yours looks appealing and mind your car’s safety is a no-brainer.

When choosing the best type of residential garage door, you have to look up different considerations, including materials such as steel, timber, aluminum, fiberglass, and PVC. You can choose whatever fits your budget, home exterior, and safety. Other considerations are to be taken into account depending on the rightful purpose of the garage.

But if you have difficulties choosing the right garage door for your residence, you can have companies such as overhead doors in Charlotte, NC, to help you pick the best quality and at a friendly price. Here are the types of garage doors.

Home suburban car garage interior with wooden shelf , tools and equipment stuff storage warehouse on white wall indoors. Vehicle parked at house parking background

  • Sectional Garage Doors

Nowadays, this type of garage tends to become the most popular option for many homeowners because it’s reliable and versatile. Sectional garage doors are pocket-friendly, not prone to problems efficiently, easy to operate, and can be more efficient. It also optimizes space with its horizontal sections that roll up and curve following the contour of the front of the garage to the ceiling.

Sectional garage doors contain several styles and materials, such as aluminum, wood, and glass. Aluminum being cost-effective compared to glass, it’s prone to become dented easily. Glass, on the other hand, has apparent risks, but it can provide a better curb-appealing look, and wood requires a lot of attention, but it can also be printed to match your home.

Besides being operated electrically, it has high-tension springs to prevent the doors from dropping when not fully opened. Additionally, sectional garages can be manufactured in modern and traditional styles. Its energy efficiency is also on top, especially for those living in harsh weather environments.

  • Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors also open vertically like sectional doors and they also require little room inside the garage. These doors aren’t meant for areas with limited space, and it’s a steel material rolling around the drum.

Roller doors are built to withstand heavy usage and, if made without springs, can prevent rust, freezing, and corrosion. Due to its heavy-duty nature, this garage door is a little more costly than other types of the garage door.

  • Side-Hinged Garage Doors

This garage door type is manual and combines reliable performance with easy personal access. They open outwards and give extra space on the inside. It’s one of the most outstanding solutions for residential garages because of its advantages in space and the possibilities of fitting your home better.

Most of these side-hinged doors are made up of wood and steel because this combination gives an upfront and classic look. Also, installation is more straightforward as you can get them pre-hung in a frame or they can be custom-made.

  • Side-Sliding Garage Doors

This type of garage door applies to homeowners who love simplicity, space, and style. Side-sliding doors are the perfect option if you don’t want to lose your ceiling space but still make an appearance. The door opens sideways, creating more space to store things like surfboards, toolboxes, bicycles, etc. Also, with these doors, you can open them slightly to get into the garage faster.

  • Paneled Garage Doors

Like any other garage door, this is the most common style for many homeowners. It has a classic panel design that adds beauty to most homes’ front doors. This residential garage door type can apply to single and double doors. Nowadays, you’ll find paneled garage doors operate quietly with low maintenance.

  • Tilt-Up And Over Retractable Garage Doors

Like the tilt-up canopy garage door, the tilt-up and over lift up and into the garage. They’re suspended independently from the frame, so they can’t show themselves past the front house door. This installation needs professional experts because even with the slightest error, the door will protrude past the front of the house, messing up the curb appeal. 

However, this garage door type is typically more expensive and requires more space than canopy garage doors.

  • Tilt-Up Canopy Garage Doors

Tilt-up canopy garage doors are made of one solid piece. It’s built by a mechanism that can be tilted into the garage and sits in the ceiling garage when opened. The canopy garage door is best for homeowners with space in their driveway, and they can up and over-tilt their entry without any difficulties.

This can be controlled manually or by an electric mechanism. These doors are combined with tight security, quality, appearance, and convenience technology. It’s also affordable and stylish. 


If you’re ready to enhance your home security, curb appeal, etc. Don’t hesitate to invest in any of the above residential garage doors. Plus, having the best professional team install one when ready is best. Experts give you reliable and quality services at competitive prices.

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