11 Must-Haves for an Efficient Home Office


Must-Haves for an Efficient Home Office 1

You’ve decided to have a friendly home office, so it’s now time to stock your space with everything you’ll need to get it functioning. It’s tempting to head over to the store and buy whatever comes to mind. However, you should pause and make a list so you don’t understock or get things you don’t need.

11 Items Needed for a Working Home Office

Use this checklist to give priority to items you need. Some of these are fundamental in the setup of any office. They will determine how smoothly your workday goes.

Computer System

Must-Haves for an Efficient Home Office 3

Things have become increasingly digital. It would be counterproductive not to have a computer system in your office. Only a few business owners can work from home without one.

Do some research and find out the best computer system for your office needs. While a desktop is fine, you can opt for a laptop if your work requires you to go to customers’ locations.

High-Speed Internet

Gone are the days when a dial-up connection was enough. Invest in a broadband connection if you want a seamless work experience. Let’s say you have a video call with a client but can’t connect because of poor internet access. It can be frustrating. You wouldn’t want a slow internet connection ruining your work and reducing productivity.

A Desk and a Chair

An office is incomplete without a desk. However, the type of desk you need depends on the space available in your home office. You may get a traditional office desk or a minimalist desk.

A desk is useless if you don’t have a chair. Ensure you go for a comfortable chair, as your job might require you to sit for hours. Always aim for ergonomics-friendly furniture! 


Proper lighting is essential to having a comfortable and productive work experience. You wouldn’t want to strain your eyes while completing a task. Plus, you can get a headache from working without adequate lighting. You may choose a desk lamp, but if there are other options for proper lighting, go for them.

Communications System

You have options like the traditional landline telephone, VoIP technology, and mobile phones. As you’re working remotely, you will need to communicate with your team members or clients – this makes this system a critical accessory for an efficient home office.


For some business owners, word processing, spreadsheet, and email management software are enough for a functioning office. Some require software specific to their services. Make a complete list of the software you’ll need and install everything on your computer system before you commence work.

Surge Protector

While a surge protector might seem unimportant, it’s a must-have if you have computer equipment. It costs a lot to purchase electronic appliances; surge protectors work to protect them from destructive surges.

Multi-Function Printer

While you might not need to use this tool frequently, there might be times when you’d need to fax, scan, or make copies. You can stick with digital copies, but sometimes hard copies are necessary. Even though a printer is fine, a multipurpose machine is a better choice as it can manage more tasks.

Personal Server or Backup Drive

Must-Haves for an Efficient Home Office 2

Before starting work in your home office, make sure you have plans to back up and protect your data. You can opt for a cloud-based service that automatically copies and saves your files. However, don’t overlook external drives and personal servers – they will come in handy in case of a computer failure.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Even though power failure is not so frequent, it’s wise to invest in a backup or emergency power whenever this occurs. A UPS will provide sufficient power for a short period after a power outage, so you can save your work and safely shut down your devices. This way, you prolong the life of your devices and don’t lose essential files.

Network Router

If you have more than one computer in your office, it’d be smart to have a wireless router. Make sure it’s safe from infringers. Even though routers come with in-built firewalls, hackers can still bypass them. Invest in reliable proxies, too. You can find the best proxy service lists on reliable sites like BPF. Additionally, enable WPA2 or WPA3 encryption on your router.

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