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What Is Hardie Board Siding?

Hardie Board Siding, also known as James Hardie Siding, is a modern long-lasting siding option that is quickly becoming the most popular siding choice across the United States. Hardie Board is made from a mixture of water, wood pulp, sand, and portland cement, giving it a malleable yet extremely durable form that can be made into various styles and colors before siding installation. For its amazing warranty and top-rated performance James Hardie is highly recommended by siding contractors and is widely considered the #1 siding brand.

The Pros of Hardie Board Siding

Fantastic Curb Appeal
One of the best things about Hardie Board is how great it looks. Hardie Board installation adds a stunning long-lasting new finish to your home, increasing property value.

Hardie Board is beautiful by nature, and keeps its great form, easily making your house stand out among those with faded vinyl or sagging wood siding.

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Unbeatable Durability
Hardie Board is made from fiber cement, which is one of the most durable materials to choose from for your siding installation.

Vinyl fades and is easily damaged, wood rots and warps, stone and brick come loose at their mortar cracks and crumbles, but Hardie Board can last for 50 years before you need to think about calling your siding contractors for a replacement.

Great Style Options
The other great benefit of Hardie Board is that it is easily made into the style that you want. From sleek modern styles to those that mimic wood or brick, you can have it however you want when you choose Hardie Board installation.

Lasting Color Choices
It doesn’t stop there, once you choose your style get it in a range of colors. You can \choose from pre-primed boards that are painted after siding installation, or your siding contractors can install boards with ColorPlus®️ Technology, where the color is baked in, that is guaranteed to hold its color for 15 years!

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