What is DIY Diamond Painting? How to get Started?


DIY Diamond Painting1

DIY are in fact the initials of the English expression “Do It Yourself” translated into French “le faire soi-même”. In recent months more and more French people have adopted this new trend! The latest trend is Diamond painting, which consists of making a painting with small diamonds.

The principle of creating yourself allows you to create personalized and unique objects that will amaze your friends and make you proud, because deep down we all have an artist’s soul that asks only to be revealed. In addition, it has many advantages, and at any age we are fond of leisure activities to flourish, have fun and get away from it all.

Are you ready to join this new creative trend? So it’s time to get started, especially since the panel is large, you can create your own clothes, jewelry, bags, decorative items for the home, original gifts for family or friends etc.

DIY Diamond Painting


Diamond painting or Broderie Diamant for French speakers, let’s discover together the elements of the complete diamond painting kit. Equipped with a self-adhesive canvas also called a “canvas”, it includes a representation in the background (portrait, landscape, abstract pattern …) with a color code and symbols. You must have small diamonds in resins and thus achieve a magnificent and dazzling diamond painting in 3D relief.

Depending on your tastes, you can create the full or partial image, this means that part of the pattern is to be completed with rhinestones. These can be in the form of rounded rhinestones or small squares that you will have to glue next to each other like a small mosaic in order to achieve your masterpiece! You will receive with the canvas all the necessary material, diamonds, a sorter, pliers, a stylus and glue (the glue is to be used with the stylus only).


Very easy to achieve and requiring little equipment, diamond painting is accessible to all, it is an ideal pastime for the whole family. To do alone or with friends, it is an opportunity to have a moment of relaxation that you can accomplish at your own pace. If you have busy days and you want to give yourself a little moment of peace and quiet, this hobby will satisfy you!

DIY Diamond Painting closeup

Know that in addition to being very pretty once finished, this artistic creation which you will be delighted with, allows you to develop your full consciousness. And yes, diamond painting is also a kind of therapy! Because doing the work promotes concentration, letting go and keeps attention in the present moment. You will feel more relaxed, emotionally more peaceful, and receptive to others. This creative DIY idea is practical and fun, the final relief rendering reflects with a thousand radiance.


You do not know where to start ? Rest assured, this is not an obstacle. The DIY craze quickly spread across the web. Blogs and video tutorials dedicated to it are multiplying. However, the best way for you to find your diamond paintings Netherlands is to search an online store. But not just any store, make a special selection, select trusted and quality sites!

Prefer a reference online store, well established on the French market! Often, the best products will be offered to you there with dedicated customer service to advise and respond with great efficiency. The diamond painting kit is a great source of inspiration, you will always be able to think and easily create beautiful decorative images like a real artist. A large choice of kits and accessories are on offer, find out for yourself, you will love this new creative DIY idea!

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