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Sausage Caulking Gun: Choosing the Best Caulk Gun

“Sausage Caulking Gun”

Now and then, repairs like sealing some materials at home and in your office happen and a sausage caulking gun is your perfect tool to close in those unwanted gaps and holes.

A sausage caulking gun is an excellent addition to your tool kit, and since it is considered as a hardware junkie’s investment, it is but smart to get the best caulk gun on the market. You must make sure that it is worth the money that you are paying with it, and at the same time, it can leave up to its promise when some sealing activities need to be done. Here are some factors that you can check when shopping for your sausage caulking gun.

Thrust Ratio – this is the measurement of the force that is applied on the tube piston every time you pull the trigger. Most caulking guns depending on brand and size have a thrust ratio of anywhere between 3:1 and 18:1.

For sausage caulking guns, the higher the thrust ratio; the better because this would allow the adhesive or the caulk to be dispensed faster. What this means for you is you get a tool that is more than capable of working with complex and challenging materials.
Thrust Ratio

A low thrust ratio limits you with the work that can be done in some scenarios. Another factor that would impact your caulking gun’s thrust ratio is the temperature in your area. If you live in an area with lower temperatures, then better get a unit with the highest thrust ratio possible.

  • Drip-Free – this is entirely non-negotiable. A sausage caulking gun that drips excessively means a lot of mess, and it adds up to the work that needs to be done. A drip-free unit means that the caulking gun will 100% free the plunger that triggers the cartridge to dispense the adhesive. A drip-free gun keeps the working space clean, and you get to save on the use of adhesive too because you only dispense when triggered.


  • Ease of Usage – nobody wants a complicated hardware tool that’s why most tools are stand-alone and independent. The lesser complicated it is to use the caulking gun, the more competently it will function for you. Go for units that have a comfortable and smooth trigger with a mechanism to adjust the speed of the adhesive flow. If you can add in a cartridge chamber that rotates, then you are up for a very great deal.

Comfortable to Use

  • Comfortable to Use – using a sausage caulking gun for long periods can cause your hands to hurt, and tired hands can’t get the sealing job precisely. To address this, look for a caulking gun with rubberized handles with the right size. This simple feature can ease the pressure on your hands.

This comes from the frequent squeezing of the trigger as well as on the different levels of force that you have to apply. It is not a guarantee that your hands won’t hurt, but it can provide a level of support and comfort.

  • Durability – every home improvement and repair tool is considered a worthwhile investment, so it should last you a good couple of years. Check the materials that were used in your future sausage caulking gun. Do thorough research about the product, and it would be smart to browse through reviews and customer feedback. You might be budget-conscious, but you’d end up spending more if you go for a cheap product with below-average quality.

Taking your time and being a smart shopper can be a massive advantage because you’d end up with an excellent sausage caulking gun that will suit your budget and meet your repairing needs.

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