What is a ‘shoffice’

Are you baffled by the quirky word ‘shoffice’ being echoed by people these days? With only two syllables and an intriguing ring to it, shoffice has much more to it than you’d imagine. Living in the age of coronavirus has made many things redundant.

For one, commuting to crowded places is now being avoided because it poses a risk to human health. Ultimately, people who once had to wake up at eight and go to the office are now forced inside the confines of their homes. Naturally, work from home is the new order and it seems that it isn’t going away anywhere soon.

While not having to spend money on transport and filling spreadsheets from bed seems ideal, your productivity can take a serious hit. Sure, working from home is convenient but what do you do when you keep getting distracted every other minute?

From the noise of the cartoons your kids watch to the neighbors’ chatter right outside the door, your living space isn’t necessarily the best place to work. And that’s where a shoffice comes in!

It is a combination of the word ‘shed’ and ‘office’, put those two together and you have a designated space where you can work in peace. It offers an escape from all the distractions you’d be overwhelmed with otherwise.

However, the benefits of a shoffice go far beyond enabling a peaceful office environment. You can use it to store extra things that don’t have a place inside your home. Moreover, you can also use it to start your side hustle.

A shoffice enables boundless creativity that you can leverage to create amazing things!


4 reasons a shoffice is a lifesaving investment

1. Declutter your house

Are you tired of all the unnecessary stuff that makes your house look much smaller than it is? Well, then a shoffice is your best bet. Instead of clearing out the closet every single time you find yourself short on space, rid yourself of the hassle altogether.

This comes in handy especially when you’re trying to adopt a minimalist lifestyle but don’t really want to give away everything just yet.

Rest assured, a shoffice will fulfill your storage needs without requiring you to make any compromises. Plus, your home will definitely look great once you move the unnecessary things out. Eager to give it a try? Then, check storage options from STORED and take your pick.

2. Build an at-home gym

Going to the gym as the virus continues to claim lives can be scary. Nonetheless, there’s just something about an at-home gym that is missing in the public variety. You get to enjoy your own space; you know that the equipment you’re using isn’t drenched in someone else’s sweat and the list goes on. At the same time, moving your treadmill into a shoffice is bound to make your living area feel more homely.

You can do your daily exercises without worrying about making long commutes and it doesn’t get any better than that.

3. Make it your business’s headquarter!

We have all heard about how the biggest companies today started from a basement. As inspiring as that sounds, yours can start from the shoffice. People who don’t have much extra space tend to struggle with managing inventory at home.

Needless to say, if you live in a small house with just one bedroom, your living room has to bear the brunt of all the goods you need for your business. A local storage unit does more than just solve that problem. It offers you a greater sense of organization that is largely absent otherwise.

Imagine attempting to keep track of all the orders you receive from the sofa in your lounge. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

Thus, the storage outlet that you purchase will provide an unbridled space for all your valuables without compromising their integrity. While you can easily spill coffee on your inventory, the chances of that are virtually zero with a local storage unit.


4. Transform it into your study zone

Ever wondered why studying at a library is much better than studying at home? Well, the answer lies in the environment. Similarly, a shoffice can also repurpose as an at-home library. By simply setting up a desk, a lamp, and a chair, you can turn it into your ‘no visitors allowed’ study space.

This is particularly useful for when your exams are around the corner as it allows for an unbridled experience free from any distractions. Rest assured; you can expect to be more concentrated as your retention skyrockets!

Why STORED: A local storage unit for all your needs

If you’re looking to put away a few things, start a new business, or build a home office, it’s probably a good idea to check storage options in your area. There are plenty of companies out there, each of them has their pros and cons but if you have decided to invest in a shoffice, you must make the right choice.

STORED has been serving customers in the UK for years now. Over time, it has been able to combine the best features in its storage units that people usually look for. Safe to say, you get maximum value for a reasonable price.

However, that’s not even the best part. The reason why STORED is positively rated by all its customers is that it refuses to make false claims. There are too many pretentious options in the market, and some of these miserably fail to deliver on their promises.

People are obviously not keen on spending their hard-earned money on an unworthy deal, which is why STORED offers a viable solution. You can also benefit from the various discount offers available from time to time and cash in on big savings.

With to-and-fro delivery, friendly customer staff, and top-notch vehicles, you can transport your items safely to your unit. This is backed by maximum security and real-time inventory tracking enabled through their website.

So, put your shoffice dreams into action today!

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