What Factors to Consider When Buying an Iron Board?


Buying an Iron Board 1

Ironing boards can be made of metal, polyester, or wood. The most common one is the wooden one, which has been around for centuries and continues to be popular because it’s affordable yet sturdy enough to last through many years of heavy use. However, any metal iron board is better if you want portability. 

Regardless, these boards come in many different designs and colors, so finding the right one will depend on what your needs are. Before figuring out your needs, here are some basic things that you must ensure having in the model you purchase: 

1: Mind the Height of the Ironing Board

The height of your ironing board should be between 15 and 18 inches. This is the most crucial factor, as it will determine how much space you have on your table and, thus, how far away from it you can comfortably stand while ironing.

Buying an Iron Board 2

The best way to know if an ironing board is ideal for your needs is by measuring it yourself. Most basic options, such as wood or plastic stands, do not fluctuate in height while in use (they just stay stationary). 

Consider buying an off-the-shelf with adjustable legs instead of wheels on both sides. If you have toddlers or pets, the stationary ones are the safer option.

2: Mobility of the Board 

The mobility of the ironing board is an important aspect to consider when purchasing one. There are two types of boards – built-in and portable. 

The built-in ones can be set up only once in one place, while the portable ones can be moved from one room to another without much hassle. It is ideal for people with limited space in their homes or offices as they don’t need to worry about storing it elsewhere when not using it anymore.

3: Weight of the Board 

The weight of the ironing board is another vital aspect to consider when choosing one. The ideal weight will enable you to move it easily, but not so light that it becomes unstable when in use. A lightweight board should be able to fold up easily for storage and set up quickly and easily. However, don’t opt for ultra-light boards, as they might wobble when ironing clothes.

4: Always Check for Sturdiness 

A good ironing board should also have a sturdy, stable frame to hold your weight while you iron. It should not collapse or tip over easily as you do your ironing, which can result in injury.

Buying an Iron Board 1

A good board should have legs that are solid and stable, so they won’t buckle under the weight of your clothes or scratch the floor when you move around on it. You will want to avoid any boards with thin legs because those tend to sag over time and become unstable—this is especially important if children or pets are in the house.

Wrapping Up

The size of your room determines what kind of iron board you should buy. Remember that a larger ironing board means more surface area, weight, and height. 

Preferably, an ironing board is placed in your room, where you can easily reach it. This is done for convenience, as you can use the same spot mentioned above and avoid moving the ironing board once it’s set up.

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