Tips For Long-Lasting Entry Door Toronto


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The entry door Toronto plays an important role in both the curb appeal and the home’s value. It is important to always take good care of your door so that it serves you for longer without the need for repairs or affecting your home’s energy efficiency. The key to a long-lasting door is proper maintenance.

Maintenance of the front door is one of the most ignored roles by most homeowners. People don’t think of the need for care and maintenance of the entry door Toronto when handling other parts of the home. Below are some useful tips for long-lasting elegantentrydoors that homeowners should learn about.

Inspecting The Door From Both The Inside And The Outside Yearly

The entry door Toronto is always in use for the purpose of entry throughout the year. Due to the constant and continuous use, it is no surprise that several repairs will be required with time.

It is important to inspect the exterior doors Toronto for any physical signs of the need for repair. The inspection should be thorough and done from all angles of the door to ensure no signs of damage are missed out. 

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The door slab and frame should not be left uninspected because they are also important when it comes to the door’s functionality.

Another part that needs close attention during the inspection is the stiles and the rails. You must carefully examine any signs of dents on any metal surfaces in the door.

The inspection should involve checking out for any signs of warping, cracking, and splitting of the glass or the wood.

You should not leave out the weather stripping to ensure that the door provides energy efficiency. The weather strip should also not show any signs of damage from harsh weather.

Replace Damaged Weather Stripping

An inspection aims to help you determine whether any repairs are required. If, during the inspection, you realized that the weather stripping is damaged, it is only wise to consider repairing it to avoid the consequences of low energy efficiency.

However, the entry door Toronto can last for several years without necessarily needing repair, the weather stripping does not last as many years as the door and it might need repair in between.

Weatherstrip helps keep moisture and water outside your home and should always be in good condition. A damaged weather strip makes the door look ugly and makes the home drafty, which is a downfall when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency.

Ensure the weather strip material you choose for replacing the old damaged one is compatible with your door material. There is no harm in consulting an expert if you need help with the weather stripping repair.

Changing Damaged Door Sweeps

During the inspection, you may realize that the sweep is damaged or has gaps. These are the signs that call for repair to prevent the seeping of water into the inside through the door.

The sweeps can be repaired without removing the door in cases where they are secured on both sides of the door. However, if the sweeps are screwed to the door base, there will be the need to uninstall the door first.

Always Ensure The Finish Is In Good Shape

The finish of the exterior doors Toronto should always function at its best to provide the required protection from outside elements.

The need to refinish your door depends on the weather conditions of your home area. In general, it is important to do the refinishing once every two years to help increase the lifespan of your door.

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Always Keep Your Door Area Clean

Leaving dirt to accumulate on your entry door Toronto or its surrounding can have a negative impact on its functionality. Most homeowners tend to assume the importance of cleaning their doors while cleaning other home parts.

The door is located in a sensitive location as it is the main access to the home, it should be kept tidy to make your home more welcoming. A clean door is one of the ways of creating a positive first impression of your home.

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