What Can Happen To Your Roof Due To Hailstorm?

A few of the most common natural calamities like wind, hail, or the combination of both can cause lots of damages to vehicles and buildings. All those living in Minnesota know that the first line of defense against hailstorm is their roof. Although a hailstorm is destructive, the amount of damage done to the roof and property can vary depending on various factors. 

Factors Affecting the Impact of Hailstorm:

  • Hail size
  • Speed of wind 
  • The direction of the wind
  • Building Material
  • Density and Size of hailstones 

If your roof is damaged and needs restoration, then you must hire a reputed MN exteriors restoration company. One of the popular names in Minnesota is the A To Z Construction. They’ll thoroughly inspect your roof and determine whether your roof needs minor repairs or has to be replaced. 

A few damages can be just cosmetic or functional, and it is this cosmetic damage sometimes that is more severe than what it looks. Broken edges, punctures, bruises, and granule loss may cause serious complications, which may initially seem cosmetic.

Besides that, the material used in the roof, the roof’s age, and the amount of slope, etc. all these too can affect the damage done to your roof during any hail storm. Even the smallest repair, if kept undone for long, can result in a leaking roof and other related issues. 

To give you a little more insight on how hail damage can affect any roof, let us look at a few specific kinds of repairs:

1. Granule loss

Granules look somewhat like the sandpaper part of your shingle. If the shingle loses granules, then its asphalt coating gets exposed to various environmental elements, and this will lead to accelerated aging. You must check your downspouts and gutters after a hailstorm, whether any granules have come off your shingles.

2. Exposed fiberglass mat

The heavy impact of the hailstorm can shatter the surface of the roof shingle, and cause it to break from the entire fiberglass mats, which lay underneath.

Roof Due To Hailstorm1

3. racks in your shingles

High winds or hard hail impact can grip your shingles and may cause cracks. This will lead to tears and exposure, leaving the roof with few bare spots. Any cracked shingles will not protect effectively the roof from any bad weather.

4. Weakened self-seal strip

Hail and high winds can weaken the seals of your roof shingles. Such a weakened seal can cause any shingle to blow off and may leave the roof exposed to various elements. Once your shingle is damaged, its wholeness is also compromised permanently. This will lead to leakages and may also cause the tearing of other shingles around the damaged one.

5. Fractured fiberglass mat

Often fractured fiberglass is difficult to detect and needs an experienced eye. These fractured fiberglass mats will result in cracks and tears due to hail impact.

Thus, it is important that you hire a professional to inspect your roof after a hailstorm. Only a trained and experienced roofer can detect the repairs and suggest the right procedure to amend them. 

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