What Are the Must-ask Questions to a Tree Removal Service Provider

Tree removal services are essential services that should not at any time be overlooked. When performed  wrongly, a tree removal project can cause huge investment loss and also cause life-threatening injuries  to those around you. A poorly done tree removal service also has the potential to degrade one’s living  environment. 

All these factors make it paramount that you at least know how to vet a tree removal company before  hiring their services. So, if you are looking for the top 5 questions to ask your tree removal service  provider, then read on as I got you covered through this article. 


Below are some of the must-ask questions before hiring the services of a tree removal company or  contractor.

Do you have a certified license and proof of insurance? 

This should be the first thing you ask any tree removal company or contract. Working with a licensed  contractor or company guarantees you of the legitimacy of the company. It also shows that the people  providing you with the service are serious, and you can easily track them in case of provision of below  the standard services.

Please note! Tree removal services have lots of risks involved, that’s why so much emphasis is put on to  discourage people assuming this job as a DIY project. In order to be on the safe side, please ask for proof  of insurance coverage. 

This will help you evade lawsuits that may cost you fortunes in case of an accident occurring during the  service. It also ensures that the insurance company will cover the total damage in case of destruction to  your property. Make sure that the insurance cover is up to date. 

Do you have a list of references? 

A reputable tree removal company will always have a reference list with them. A reference list also  works as proof that you are about to hire reliable and experienced people who have conducted  successful tree removal services numerous times.

Service 2

What is your overall cost on the tree removal service, and what services are in  included in the estimated fee? 

It’s important that you first establish the overall cost of the service about to be provided to you. This  helps you make a feasible budget and determine whether or not the potential service provider is about  to overcharge you! 

After establishing the estimated cost, make sure that you ask what services are included in the fee. Tree  removal contractors or companies will often include services such as; stump grinding, total removal and  disposal of green debris, and restoration of a damaged lawn in their overall estimated cost.

How long will the tree removal project take? 

Tree service providers charge their services in hours. This makes it essential that you have an idea of  how long the project will take in order to prepare an attainable budget.

What type of equipment are you using? 

What type of equipment will you use? This is another essential and often overlooked question. Make  sure that you ask and understand what type of equipment will be used in your compound, even if you  are not conversant with machinery. 

An experienced tree removal service provider will have no issue explaining to you in-depth what type of  equipment they are using. This also gives you an opportunity to gauge whether or not you are dealing  with professionals or ‘quacks. 

Be in the know 

Before hiring any tree service provider, ensure that you ask them if they are licensed and insured, their  estimated cost, how long the project will last, and exactly what type of equipment or machinery they  will use.

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