What Are The Most Common Wiring Issues?


As a matter of fact, in the presence of electricians near the city of Bayside, electricity is the need of every house. Every house has a large number of electrical appliances. The life of electrical equipment serves more in the presence of well scientific wiring mechanism. Therefore, faulty electric wiring may destroy home appliances. So, you may say that scientific base wiring is the source of pleasure and peaceful living.

1. RCCB / Poor Circuit Safety Installation

A residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) is a device that is useful for the detection of low voltage. Whenever the current leaks, this device breaks the circuit. Moreover, it disconnects the electric load from the main supply of load. On the whole, it is highly advisable to install the RCCB.

2. Strong Electric Shocks

Indeed, you may face a strong electric shock whenever the electronic device is turned on or off. This is the result of a faulty electric appliance. This may happen due to weak wiring installation. So, the solution is very clear the user must install high-quality wires and switchboards.

3. Lighting Related Problems/ Flickering


In a building, you often see that the light bulbs burn too much. This problem arises due to a high load of electricity, loose or tight fixing of bulbs, improper air circulation, and unfavourable weather conditions. On the whole, you may experience light flickering, and too low or too high a light beam may arise due to low or high voltage. An experienced electrician can solve these types of problems easily.

4. GFCI Installations and Proper Grounding Issues

As a competent device, a GFCI device breaks the circuit if there is any imbalance of improper flow of electric current. A sound grounding system enables the whole system to make sure the proper supply of electricity. You may say that a proper grounding system and GFCI is a proof of a valid wiring system.

5. Strong Electric Surges

Your all home appliances are at stake in the presence of electric surges. An unexpected increase in voltage may burn the sensitive electric appliance. So, the electrician must check all the connections, switches, buttons, voltage meter, and wring drawing.

6. Costly Electricity Bills

Indeed, faulty electric appliances and inferior-quality switchboards and wires may result in high electric bills. Cheap and inferior quality equipment is also a participant in high electricity costs. So, superior quality switches and equipment are at a high price but result in a low-cost electric bill.

7. An Uncover and Unsafe Junction Box

In general, the unhidden and uncovered is dangerous for every living organism. The cover junction keeps the wires separate and alive. The chances of wire collision increase due to an uncovered junction box.  So, you should install a superior-quality junction box.

8. Overloading

In general, overloading and high voltage melts the wires and switches. Due to overloading, all the home appliances are at stake. So, all the electric fires are the result of overloading and collision of wires with each other.

9. Removing Non Functional Light Points

To reduce electric hazards, you must remove all non-operational and faulty light points. The light may increase with the help of installing high-quality light points.  Wiring issues may be resolved in the presence of a highly professional electrician.

10. Backstabbed Wires


In general, a low-quality wire may get holes or cuts easily. So, chances of break-down of all electrical supply increases. So, always use superior-quality cables and wires.

11. Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker

The continuously tripping breakers are a powerful source of electricity breakdown. The high-quality breakers stop fire accidents and mishaps. So, always install recommended circuit breakers.

12. Power Sags And Dibs

Whenever an electric device connects to the faulty grid, the probability of power failure and short circuits. Weaken and old equipment burns whenever there are variations in electric flow and power sags. Mind it, always use high-quality power switches.


The house’s electricity is not only a source of convenience but also a necessity. A building is ideal when all electric fittings, equipment, appliances and wiring are of superior quality. In final, you must hire a professional and well-experienced electrician.

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