What are The Five Good Features of an Ideal House?

Does the perfect house exist? Yes, it does. Combine these ideal features with your personalized wants, and you’ll have the perfect house.

Every house is indeed unique. Our homes are supposed to be the perfect representation of ourselves- personality, style, and class. However, there are five universally good features of an ideal house that you can’t ignore.

Sure, personal preferences are important when looking for a house. However, you need to also make sure you go for a house with features that will boost its return-on-investment should you decide to sell it in the future.

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So, what are the five good features of an ideal house?

1. High ceilings

Our homes are supposed to be places of comfort, refuge, and freedom after long busy days. You might not know this, but our surroundings subconsciously affect our well-being. Research shows that homes and rooms with high ceilings were considered to be more spacious and beautiful. Here are the facts.
High ceilings

So, how high should your ceiling be?

8ft ceilings have a “cagey” feel to them. 9ft is okay. 10ft is just right. Of course, ceiling heights go hand-in-hand with other elements of your home like your window-size, door-height, and the overall size of your home. It’s best to first consult your contractor for professional advice on how the ceiling-height adjustment will affect your home.

Apart from comfortability, you’ll be glad to know that homes with higher ceilings are on demand in the market and always make a good return-on-investment upon resell.

It’s cheaper if you built your house with higher ceilings instead of being forced to adjust later on.

2. Secluded master bedroom

As mentioned earlier, your home is your happy place. Your bedroom is even more sacred- This is more important if you’re living with your family and kids. We all know how noisy children can be. Having separate bedrooms sure sounds like a good idea. To some, it can even be a luxury.

The “three-wing” floor plan is the best way to get some peace in your home. One wing has the master bedroom, the second has the guest and kid rooms (plus bathrooms), and the final wing has the kitchen and living room.

No, you don’t need to have a mega-house, even single-level homes can easily rock this configuration. It’s the best way to give everyone some privacy, peace, and quiet. Think about it.

3. Single-story

Also known as single-level houses. Multi-story houses indeed look elegant in a way- like the noble houses and castles we see in movies. However, these types of houses are slowly being phased out, and with good reasons.
First, single-story houses are cheaper. You’ll need fewer materials when constructing one, significantly lowering the construction costs. In addition to that, you’re also going to spend less on labor costs.

Second, single-story houses save a lot of time and space. Sure, a set of stairs can look stylish. However, they end up wasting a lot of space. Single-story houses will also help in saving a lot of energy and time that would have been wasted moving up and down from one floor to the other.

Third, single-story houses allow for easier adjustments and expansion. Things change and you might one day fancy a new home adjustment or you even might consider adding or expanding a room. For multi-level houses, you’ll have to add another floor. It’s always going to be cheaper to expand on the ground instead of going up another floor.

The fourth reason, single-story houses are easier to maintain, clean, and repair.

Finally, single-story houses are more accommodating. The lack of stairs means your house will be easily accessible to children, the sick, and aged persons. In addition to that, a single-story house is easier to evacuate in times of emergencies.

4. Outdoor space

These include patios and decks. Some people see them as extensions of their living rooms. Not only are these features nice to look at, but they can also do a lot of good for your health. Nothing sets you in the right mood like a nice warm afternoon with nature.

With modern urban planning, such features are slowly becoming extinct- One of the reasons why homes with outdoor living spaces are in high demand. Did you know that upon the sale of your estate, you can make more than 100% profit on the money you invested in creating a patio or deck for the home?

Now, you might be wondering, “Should I build a deck or patio?” There are a lot of factors to consider from construction to maintenance, and finally, return-on-investment upon selling the property. Click here for more information on the Patio and Decks Return-on-investment Installation Guide.

5. Low maintenance siding

Low maintenance siding is another feature that isn’t as popular as it should be. However, you better pay attention unless you wish to spend all your free afternoons repainting, fixing, and siding your house.

Of course, you want low maintenance siding that not only looks good but also lasts long. Straight up, we’d recommend vinyl siding. It’s the best siding material because it’s weather-resistant, keeps off mold and pesky insects, and unlike other materials like wood and aluminum, vinyl requires less care post-installation and will not dent easily.
Low maintenance siding
In addition to that, just like high ceilings and outdoor living spaces, vinyl siding also comes with a massive return-on-investment of up to 77%.

It’s your house. It’s up to you to give your house a little bit of your personal touch. However, these are but some of those little features that can amount to a lot in the long run. Incorporate these to your designs and ideas, and trust us, yours will be the perfect home.

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