What Are the Common Garden Waste Clearance Problems in London

Some studies reveal that on average, garden waste per each garden in London amounted to about 122kgs to 150kgs. It doesn’t matter whether you own a few pots on your balcony or a complete backyard in London. Your small garden will need to be pruned or landscaped or even planting; all of these gardening activities will leave some waste behind. To get rid of garden waste is not much of a hassle as long as you have the right assistance or the right garden waste clearance company in London.

Traditionally, most gardeners are used to hire a skip which is expected to rid off all the garden waste. Hiring a skip is no a bad idea but hiring a clearance company in London is a better idea.

Hiring a skip or trying to clear your garden waste by yourself might come along with some garden waste clearance problems. In this particular post, we are going to look at such issues and see why you should hire a clearance company in London.

1. Takes a lot of effort

Hiring a skip might require a lot of your effort since you will have to do all the clearance yourself. The first thing you will do is to identify a place where the skip will be kept. This can be a little overwhelming and frustrating, especially if you are operating under a small space. Besides, getting all the waste into the skip will require even more effort, and sometimes you might want to hire an extra hand which adds up to the cost.

Hiring a clearance company on the other side will take you off the hassle of clearing your garden waste. Top waste clearance companies mostly charges you for the amount of waste that will be disposed of. All you do is take a seat and relax as all is done for you without you lifting a finger. A clearance company will clear up your garden and dispose of it without having to ask you to put in any effort. So hiring a clearance is far much better when it comes to an efficient waste removal in London.


2. Hiring a skip is inconvenient.

Apart from skip hiring companies renting out skips in a concise time frame, you will also need to find where you can keep the skip. This can be frustrating and will sometimes cause inconveniences, especially if you share a backyard with someone else within a small space. A clearance company, on the other hand, will depend on your availability and the plans you would choose, this allows the company to clear the wastes without interfering with your daily activities.

Hiring a clearance company, however, will cut you off these inconveniences. The company will come to your place whenever you need them and clear out the rubbish in no time without even altering with the surroundings.

3. Not environmental friendly

Garden waste may consist of different types of rubbish, which means that separating the waste and disposing of each type differently is the best form of garden waste disposal. Hiring a skip does not involve separating the garden waste. Every type of garden rubbish will be disposed of in one place. Mixing everything up is not very environmentally friendly.

The waste might include hardcore and building materials, especially if you did landscaping. If all these types of waste are disposed of together, hardcore waste will eventually harm the environment. A clearance company, however, will see to it that all the waste has been separated and disposed of in the most environmental friendly manner.


4. Time-consuming

Hiring a skip and get rid of your garden waste will be very tiring than hiring a garden waste clearance company. Hiring a skip as we mentioned earlier, will need all the effort you have to ensure that the place is left clean and tidy. This includes getting rid of the waste and later working to clean up after all the trash has been taken out.

Hiring a company will ensure that they take the least amount of time by coming to work as a team. This minimizes work on their side, subsequently reducing the time taken to clear and leave your garden clean and tidy.

Hiring a skip might seem like a good option, especially when it comes to the thought of minimizing the costs. However, observe how much time is wasted and the effort used, you will realize that gaining the benefits of hiring a garden clearance company is wiser.

As we mentioned above, hiring a skip will also require some outside help of which extra costs will be incurred. If you want to save your time that could be used to do something constructive hiring a company is your best option. A good garden waste clearance company in London will ensure that they take the shortest time possible to clean up. Such company like All Junk Removal will also give you different plans for payment so you will have the freedom to work with what you can afford.

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