What are The 5 Basic Purposes of Essay Writing?

Everything happens for a reason. You go to college or university to become a better person in life. People go on a vacation to refresh their minds. Health-conscious individuals spend hours in the gym to stay perfectly fit. 

Likewise, the essay writing assignments you get from college have some purposes. Students need to understand the purpose of an assignment so that they can better reflect on ideas and achieve their purposes. 

As per the expert advice from Case Professor, every student should be aware of important assignment purposes. Before you start a homework task, make sure you understand why you have been assigned and what the teacher wants from you. This tendency can help you become a better student over time.

Let’s unfold some of the basic purposes of essay writing!

Better Communication

Communication is an important skill that every student needs to hone during an academic journey. You cannot perform well either in the educational or professional landscape until you learn how to communicate effectively.

One of the core purposes of essay writing is to foster better communication skills in students. Wondering how it works?

An essay writing assignment incites students to research and explore information. Once they have good material, they transform available information into nicely crafted sentences. 

The journey from finding raw information to transforming it into meaningful paragraphs improves communication skills. You write with a purpose in mind. It could be different depending upon the type of essay you are writing.

Some of the common essay types include expository, narrative, descriptive, and argumentative. You become a better communicator when you get essay writing tasks time and again. The practice helps you in finding better ways to communicate your thoughts.

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Becoming Organized

Staying organized is what makes you achieve big goals in life. Students are in the learning phase while studying at a college or university. That’s the reason why teachers devise plans to make them learn everything proactively.

Staying highly organized could be difficult without writing essays. Back-to-back essay writing assignments require you to follow an organized structure. You write everything following a specific outline. That’s what keeps you focused and organized.

Several studies have shown that different types of writing assignments are effective in making students more organized in their studies. They learn how to create a document following a specified structure. That’s who organization comes into their lives.

Improved Language Skills

English has become a cosmopolitan language. You can speak it in every part of the world. Students have to write assignments in English and that’s why they get better control over their language skills.

Most students studying in international universities come from non-English speaking countries. If you keep writing assignments, the day is not far when you can speak and write English like a native. 

One of the important purposes of essay writing assignments is to make students fluent in English. Whenever you get a homework task, make sure to keep in mind this particular purpose. It will help you find better words and phrases to construct positive paragraphs.

Make sure to use the thesaurus and other available online resources whenever you face difficulty in finding the right words. Building good vocabulary should be your priority to become a good academic writer. This will hone your language skills over time.


Boosting brainstorming in students is another common purpose of assignments. Every topic allows you to think, research, and ponder differently. As a result, you become a better thinker and researcher.

Sometimes when you cannot find the relevant information, you get a chance to think out of the box. Brainstorm is a wonderful skill that students should develop to handle their academic challenges effectively.

Teachers know that without widening the scope of thinking, students cannot become better learners. That’s the reason they provide different types of assignments to improve brainstorming skills.

It could be slightly challenging to think about various sorts of ideas. However, soon you should be able to become a good planner. Teachers want students to think freely without feeling bound by someone.

That’s why you should take advantage of this free-thinking opportunity and devise strategies that can work well to create a compelling document beyond readers’ expectations.

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Inspiring Self-Expression

How many students can express themselves? Unfortunately, not all. A vast majority of students feel shy when it comes to expressing themselves. 

An essay writing assignment provides freedom to express yourself. This is what teachers want from you. They need you to become a person who can express his thoughts in a structured way. So, the core purpose of academic assignments is to inspire self-expression.

Teachers know the importance of being creative. That’s the reason they devise effective strategies to foster the environment of promoting self-expression through essay writing assignments. It could be hard to express yourself when you have a limited mindset. 

Start thinking freely so that more productive ideas can come to your mind. When you have to research a topic, try thinking from different angles as this is useful in devising valuable content ideas.


The above purposes must have clarified your doubts regarding essay writing assignments. Teachers always strive to educate students in the best way. That’s the reason they devise productive assignment strategies. Students should try to work on their homework tasks with dedication so that they can achieve the purposes behind these assignments. 

Those who are not sure about the reasons behind getting frequent essay writing assignments should understand that mentors always assign homework tasks for a reason. There is always a good intention behind everything that a teacher requests you to perform. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every student to understand those intentions and meet the expectations of teachers by delivering great results.

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