What Are Property Amenities?


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The National at Ballpark Lofts is a serene and ambient environment geared to make you comfortable and relaxed. The apartments are a few minutes away from the Denver central business district. If you travel to Denver and need an exquisite place to freshen up rest, and rejuvenate, we offer amenities to help you achieve this. The place is conducive for business travelers, family vacations, or solo weekend getaways. Guests enjoy the best of Denver due to the apartment’s proximity to tourist attractions. Read on to learn more about Ballpark Lofts.

What Are Property Amenities?

Property amenities are features installed to make a property attract tenants or buyers. In real estate, landlords and agents rely on property amenities when marketing. The hospitality industry has not been left behind in this frontier. Hotels and apartments compete in wooing guests with various amenities. 

There are two main types of amenities. Property-specific amenities and public amenities. In property-specific amenities, the developer installs complementary features. These amenities could be a swimming pool, hot tub, internet, or gym. These features position the property at a competitive edge by attracting more clients. Public amenities include schools, post offices, bus parks, e.t.c. These amenities are open to the public and make the lives of residents easier. 

The National at Ballpark Lofts attracts guests from all walks of life, thanks to its amenities. These cozy apartments offer a homely feeling to both casual and business visitors. The amenities on this property create a perfect balance between work and play. These luxury apartments are a true definition of a customer-oriented business where the guest comes first.

The Property Amenities At National At Ballpark Lofts

National at Ballpark Lofts is a perfect hotel for both business and leisure visitors. The apartments are guest-focused with loads of amenities on site. If you’re looking for a hotel that takes your business and entertainment needs seriously, look no further. Let’s have a look at some of the property amenities at National at Ballpark Lofts. 

Swimming Pool Sundeck

Guests at the National at Ballpark Lofts can enjoy a full-size swimming pool. The pool comes complete with an expansive sundeck. Furnished with stylish sunbeds, the sundeck offers an amazing view of the Denver skyline. You can sip your drink worry-free while tanning your skin under the sunshine that’s available from dawn to dusk. 

Off-Leash Dog Run

The hotel values pet lovers and their pets equally. There is a spacious off-leash dog run on-site where you can play with your canine and pawed friends. You can book your stay for your whole family without worrying about where to leave your pets. The furry guests and their owners can jump and run without limits in the open field. 


We live in a world where staying connected to the internet is no longer optional. The modern traveler drags along their gadgets and needs a strong internet connection, whether indoors or outdoors. The hotel offers a Wi-Fi connection to all residents at no extra cost. You can chat with friends from the poolside or keep updated with the day’s news right from the lounge. 

Fitness Center

For the convenience of those who care about their health and fitness, the hotel has a 24-hour fitness center. You don’t have to worry about disrupting your exercise program when you book a stay. The National at Ballpark Lofts features a state-of-the-art gym. The gym has all the necessary equipment, e.g., running machines and weights. 

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Sports Lounge

Sports lovers can while their evenings away at the modern sports lounge. The lounge is an ambient and spacious place where guests can play billiards or board games. It has wall-sized glass windows that allow plenty of natural light. All rooms are air-conditioned to make you feel comfortable while playing. The lounge is exquisitely furnished with chairs and tables for board game players. 

Rooftop Terrace

Guests at the National at Ballpark Lofts can relax and watch their favorite TV programs on the rooftop terrace. The place gives an outdoor feeling while still offering an exciting hotel experience. But that’s not all. The hotel’s rooftop terrace gives guests an exclusive city view. You can view the city of Denver from above and the beautiful mountainous horizons from the rooftop terrace. 

Assigned Covered Parking

You shouldn’t worry about where to keep your car when visiting the National at Ballpark Lofts. All guests with private cars get an assigned parking slot. The parking slots have a cover to protect your car from the weather regardless of how long you park it.

The National at Ballpark Lofts is a true definition of ambiance and class. The hotel offers a memorable experience to private and family leisure seekers with its wide range of services. Amenities like the rooftop terrace that offers guests an exclusive view of the city are great crowd pullers. If you need a nice place to wine, dine, and stay, consider the National at Ballpark Lofts.

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