Top 5 HVAC Tips For 2021


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The HVAC system is an essential item for your home as it helps ensure it remains comfortable regardless of the season. But, like any other human-made equipment, this system, at one point, will start developing some mechanical issues. In such instances, the right thing to do is to have it repaired and maintained from time to time to avoid such incidences. 

You shouldn’t ignore the need to maintain your HVAC unit. You never know when an eventuality might arise that you can’t enjoy your stay at home because of a busted unit. To ensure this doesn’t happen, here are top HVAC tips for 2021 you need to know. 

1. Use Only When Necessary

Having an HVAC Colorado Springs system is, no doubt, necessary to ensure your home remains comfortable throughout the year. While the HVAC is crucial, you should only use it when needed. Leaving it on every time only increases its chances of wear and tear. Moreover, any system left unattended for too long that runs on electricity can be a fire hazard as it can overheat.

While this might look insignificant, it goes a long way in prolonging the unit’s lifespan. After all, you want it to continue working optimally for the longest period to get value for your money. 

2. Buy A Smart Thermostat

Do you still have the old analog thermostat? If so, then it’s time you go right ahead and invest in the newer and programmable versions. One of the best things about these thermostats is their energy-saving feature as you don’t spend as much money on electricity due to the heating and cooling of your home. 

You can achieve this with this thermostat because it can be set at different temperatures at different times of the day, lowering energy cost while still ensuring optimal comfort inside your home. This, in the long run, will save you a substantial sum of money that you can use on other matters you need to attend to as a homeowner, such as home heating repair.  

3. Clean The Outdoor Coil

The coil is vital for the HVAC unit to run efficiently, effectively, and reliably by improving the airflow. Thanks to this, the indoor air quality is improved as well as the cooling and heating costs. But, for the outdoor coil to be effective, it needs to be cleaned occasionally. 

When cleaning the HVAC unit, it’s best to hire a professional HVAC contractor as cleaning the coil can be somewhat technical. However, you can also use a garden hose to clean the outdoor coil. Regular maintenance assists in ensuring the HVAC system is working correctly. Therefore, you should prioritize doing routine maintenance checks to make sure that the HVAC system is working correctly. This prevents the accumulation of dirt, which causes: 

  • Reduced energy efficiency 
  • The HVAC unit not to cool as required, using up more energy

Knowing this, clean the coil to ensure it’s running efficiently and optimally every time. 

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4. Change The Filters

Over time, filters get clogged with debris and lint. Due to this, the furnace needs to work a lot harder when sucking the air through it, and this, in the long run, might cause it to get busted. Knowing this, you should prioritize changing the filters often to prevent any unnecessary pressure to the entire system. By doing this, you prevent the accumulation of particles as the air moves within the HVAC unit and free flow of air, helping cut down the pressure. 

Ideally, the HVAC filters need to be changed, at least, after every six months or three months for pet owners. 

5. Inspect The Outside And Inside Vents

Another HVAC maintenance tip to follow is to check the inside and outside vents occasionally. As time passes, cobwebs, dirt, plus loose debris such as branches and leaves get stuck on the condenser’s exterior. As a result, they cover the HVAC unit’s air outlet, and they might eventually find their way into your home. This consequently leads to a fall in the overall efficiency of the HVAC unit because the interior vents get closed over time. 

Knowing this, you need to check both the inside and outside vents regularly to prevent all this from happening. 


Being a homeowner is associated with responsibilities such as ensuring your home is comfortable across the different seasons. You get to achieve this by ensuring your HVAC unit is maintained correctly for optimal heating, cooling, and ventilation of your home. Highlighted above are some of the top tips to follow in 2021 to achieve this. 

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