Ways You Can Improve the Quality of Air in Your Home


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The quality of air in your house determines many things, including your health. Breathing in contaminated air can introduce allergens into the house, negatively impact your health system, and may even affect the level of comfort you get in your homes.

For instance, polluted air can be responsible for several health issues ranging from sore throat to running nose, cough, and headache. Similarly, dusty air in the house means having to clean repeatedly. You cannot work comfortably on a dirty table. Having the floor covered in dust can be very uncomfortable.

While it may be impossible to eliminate all allergens in the air, doing your best to ensure that your house is neat can be of help and can prevent you from dealing with airborne allergies. You can also reach out to AC technicians for recommendations on how to go about this

  •     Do regular cleaning

Cleaning the house is one of the ways to ensure that you keep the quality of the air inside clean. Good hygiene is not for fun or pride; keeping your house clean will change the entire air in the house, eliminate bad and mold smells, and protect you against unexpected illness. Take time to clean and dust the chair.

If you are a little busy, get in touch with a cleaning agency for the job. Modern technology also makes cleaning easier and faster. For example, get a vacuum to clean the carpet or rug. Mop the tiles and clean every other part of the house to improve air quality. 

  •     Clean or replace your air filter

The Air Conditioning system works by dispersing cool air into the house. Hence, if you use one, it means you are actually not leaving your doors and windows open for outside air. Proper maintenance of your AC includes keeping the air filter clean every time.

Air filter is a part that determines the quality of the air the AC circulates in your house because it works to trap molds, allergens, and dirt from the air. This allows your Air Conditioner to blow cool and purified air. However, where the air filter is dirty, it cannot remove mold or dirt. Hence, air circulation becomes contaminated too.

Cleaning the air filter is possible and can be done at home. If your AC comes with a reusable filter, then cleaning it is the option. However, when it comes with a disposable filter, you have to remove and replace it once you detect that the filter is dirty.

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  •     Clean your Air duct

The air duct is another system installed in your house that may need a thorough cleaning to improve the air quality in your home. The air duct can even determine how fast the air filter gets dirty because this system is responsible for the air that gets into your Air Conditioner. A one-time cleaning can keep your air duct in good condition for years. So this is not a task that will stress you often. You can also do the cleaning yourself or get an expert to get it done.

  •     Get an air purifier

Getting a purifier is also an excellent way to improve the quality of air in your house. If you start to notice allergic reactions, it may be the right time to get yourself an air purifier. The air purifier works to trap air contaminants and keep the home safe. This way, you can be free of allergens passed into the house with air. While air purifiers may not eradicate dirt and allergens totally, they can help keep the situation manageable.

Where getting an air purifier is impossible, you can replace it with a humidifier. This simple appliance works to keep the house totally refreshed. With that, it can prevent mold and other allergens in the air. A bonus is that some humidifiers work with fragrance oil to disperse the cool air and keep the house smelling nice.

  •     Allow fresh air in the house

While it is easy to think leaving your windows open will let in dirty air, it can also be an excellent way to let out dirt, dust, and allergen. All of these will improve the quality of the air in your home. For instance, fresh air can be very refreshing, and it can help remove old and stinking smells in the bathroom and kitchen. This will remove potential air contaminants.

How does indoor air get polluted?

 It is possible to wonder how indoor air gets polluted, especially if you keep the door and windows closed and do not receive many visitors. However, other things can cause the indoor air to get polluted. One of those things is the air duct. If your house air duct is dirty, it simply means air circulating in your house is contaminated with allergens and dirt. Also, if the AC filter is dirty, this can lead to polluted air, mold, and allergens everywhere.

Finally, if you live in a dusty environment, the outside air is not pollution-free. This air can be dispersed through your AC. However, if the air filter is working, you do not need to worry about this.


Naturally, we spend more time at home than in other places. Even if you are the office person, you still come home to rest and probably spend the weekend with friends or family. This means that contaminated air can affect us faster if not properly checked. Humidifiers have helped people with this, and replacing or fixing air filters is also a good solution.

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