Ways To Prepare Your Home for the Cold Winter Months


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Whether you live in Minneapolis, Hudson or anywhere else in the midwest, you need to be prepared when winter hits. The cold can be brutal and can make something as simple as going out to check the mail or heading to the store a very uncomfortable experience.

Cold weather affects our cars, our outdoor activities and even getting out of the house. Preparing for winter doesn’t only mean breaking out your winter coat and boots, you also need to prepare your home for the cold. Here are some helpful ways to prepare your home for the cold winter months ahead.

Make Sure Your Furnace Is Working Well

Without a working furnace, your winter will be incredibly uncomfortable inside your home. That’s why it’s so important to take some time before winter arrives to make sure your furnace is working well. It should be pumping out hot air, not make any strange noises, and not be emitting any strange odors. 

While testing it yourself is great, calling in a professional is even better and can ensure everything is working well behind the scenes. Have an expert (such as the ones at  https://jenningsheating.com/hudson/) come to check out the furnace and inspect all of its components. Even if they don’t find an issue, you can rest assured that you will not likely have any issues over the cold winter months. 

Also, make sure your ducts are sealed and there is nothing blocking your vents or registers, as that can limit their effectiveness.

Find and Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks are a real problem for many homeowners once winter arrives. These cracks and gaps in the walls of your home can let cold air in, and this becomes very noticeable during the winter. These cracks and leaks can occur anywhere, but are often near windows and doors and their frames. Take some time to detect air leaks before it gets too cold, and seal them up as soon as you find them.

In most cases, you will be able to feel a draft coming in, and some simple caulking or weatherstripping is often enough to stop these annoying leaks. Finding them can be a process, but it is worth it to ensure you get them all sealed.

In addition to making your home colder, these leaks can often cost you money. Because they will let cold air in, you will need to run your furnace longer to reach your desired temperature, which can mean a lot more in energy costs.

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Change Out Your Bedding

Because many people prefer to sleep cool as opposed to hot, our bedding in the hot summer months is generally quite thin. But when winter arrives, it’s a good idea to break out the fleece and other plush bedding you have. 

Ensure your duvet is rated warm, and use sheets that are thick enough to prevent you from being cold during the night. This will ensure you can have a cozy and warm sleep, even when there is a blizzard outside.

Of course, changing the bedding is only one way you can cozy up your home. You can also add some throw blankets onto the back of your couch, buy some thick slippers, add some area rugs, and even add some new window coverings or treatments to make the space warmer.

Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Winter is coming, and you need to make sure your home is ready. By cozying it up, sealing any air leaks and making sure your furnace is functioning well, you can ensure your home will be comfortable all winter long.

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