Want to Remove a Tree? Not So Fast

You’ve decided it’s about time the tree in your front yard has to go, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But then, did you know there’s typically a convoluted process involved in legally removing a tree from your property? Much like how building a garage or shed on your property requires some form of clearance from your local government, so does tree removal. It isn’t as simple as calling a removal team to come cut it down and that being the end of it. In fact, you’ll probably need at the least a permit from your local government.

Why would the government care about what you do on your property in this instance? Well, there are numerous reasons. Some municipalities require a certain number of green spaces and trees in any given geographical area. This is why you’ll have to inform your local government that you intend to remove one if they’re to replace it with another or outright deny your request to remove a tree, because it isn’t possible to put another tree in the said area. Other times, a tree might be protected for its heritage status or ability to block “hot zones” in your neighborhood and provide adequate shade. The main takeaway is that cities don’t wish for all of the trees to be able to disappear overnight, so careful removal of trees is essential.

Any local tree removal agency is well-versed in your local laws and can quickly give you a rundown, as to if your removal plans are feasible. Fasttreeremovalatlanta.com, for instance, even has a dedicated page explaining the process behind getting a permit in the Atlanta area. Not only that, it’s more often than not entirely necessary to hire a tree removal agency because typically, trees that are being removed are quite large. Should your tree be over fifteen feet tall or ten inches in diameter, close to electrical lines, infested by insects or disease, or risks falling on neighboring structures, you should absolutely call in the pros.

Things that more often than not affect your ability to remove a tree without the need for a permit include the type of tree, the age of the tree, and the diameter of the tree. Some areas require a permit for trees as little as 4 inches in diameter, so essentially anything larger than a sapling will probably need applying for a permit. Healthy trees are typically not approved to be removed as they contribute towards the natural beauty of an area. The trees that are most often permitted to be removed are those causing serious impairment to property, are getting in the way of renovation, or are diseased and present a hazard to neighboring plants or trees in the surrounding area.
Remove a Tree
The first thing you should do is to use a search engine to look up the tree removal form in your area of residence. Many cities have gone digital now, and you’ll easily be able to see what kind of questions are in the form. From there, you can infer whether or not your tree is the kind they’re allowing people to remove. The application process typically costs anywhere from $10-$25 dollars, so only actually apply if you’re sure or near sure that you meet the criteria. From there, you should fill out the application and wait for a response. If your permit is granted, you can now seek out a tree removal service to remove your tree or do the deed yourself.

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