Want to Add a New Bathroom to Your Home – Tips to Keep In Mind

Have you made the decision that in order for your home to be functional you need another bathroom? A bathroom addition is among one of the more popular home renovation projects because let’s face it – who couldn’t use another bathroom? This is especially the case for families who all race to get ready in the morning at the same time, each taking turns with the limited amount of bathroom space.

An extra bathroom can alleviate the stress couples and families go through in the morning, as well as many other times. If you have a lot of guests staying with you, providing them with their own bathroom is that nice touch of privacy that everyone appreciates. Now before you race ahead with the additional project, there are some things to keep in mind. These will help keep the project on schedule and ensure the end result is what you were hoping for.

Set a Budget and Timeline

The first step to any home renovation project is to set a realistic budget and timeline. This will act as the guide for the entire project, keeping you on track and things moving forward. Now obviously each will need a little flexibility as things can happen, unexpected issues can occur, and these can inflate the budget and put you behind schedule. So in that sense, the budget and timeline need to be built with a bit of flexibility.

Hire On a Professional Plumber


The moment you make the decision to add an extra bathroom, it’s also a good idea to speak to a professional plumber. Because this is a brand new space, the plumbing won’t already exist in that spot, so you’ll need a plumber to put in the proper pipes and drainage. It’s also wise to speak to a plumber early on, so you get an idea of pricing and timeline.

And it’s not just the actual rough in that a plumber can help with, as this Springboro plumber points out, they can help with installing the new fixtures too. The last thing you want to be dealing with is installing the fixtures, only to have skipped or missed a piece or step, and end up with leaks and faulty fixtures.

What’s Your Personal Style?

Now it’s time to start thinking about your own personal style. How will you make the bathroom not only functional but a space that you feel happy with from a design perspective? Do you envision a serene and relaxing spa-like atmosphere, or are you thinking something a bit more fun and bold with bright colors of the Caribbean?

The fact is that bathrooms offer a lot of creative leeway in that you can really choose any style that speaks to you. Because it is a self-contained room, you also don’t have to be too worried about flow with the rest of the home.

A Bathroom that Meets All Your Needs


By keeping these simple tips in mind, your bathroom addition project will not only progress smoothly but will also be everything you had hoped for.

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