Using Stamped Concrete as a Building Material


Modern development in the real estate sector has seen a substantial growth as the demand for commercial buildings and residential housing keeps rising each year. Companies manufacturing building materials have made significant improvements by offering a variety of solutions that diversify the finishing and final appearance of buildings.

A good example of such innovations is the development of stamped concrete as a major building material, a stamped concrete specialist Atlanta is quite a common trade now due to the versatility of the material. Investors in the modern real estate acknowledge the role played by this material when it comes to building unique houses that are not only elegant but also stylish. In this article brought to you by DiFranco Contractors Inc; a stamped concrete contractor operating throughout Northeast Ohio, we are going to discuss the role played by stamped concrete as a building material, how to select them, and amazing ways of how they can be part of your home.

What Exactly Is Stamped Concrete And Where Is It Used?

Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete is a type of concrete molded into different texture and patterns to resemble other regular building materials such as stones, tiles and normal bricks. It is quite different from other types of concrete because of three main reasons: the concrete is combined with an additional base color; they also add an accent color, and the concrete is finally stamped with unique patterns that come in many varieties.

Most contractors have identified stamped concrete as one of the best materials that can be used to develop complex structures with strong and appealing appearances. Stamped concrete is preferred by many contractors because it offers unrivaled elegance and it is very stylish in nature. The buildings that have been designed and developed using this type of concrete always stand out from the rest because it is available in a variety of accent and base colors. Furthermore, the material is far cheaper compared to other alternative materials.

Although stamped concrete services are offered by several companies, their services tend to vary depending on the level of experience and skills. The general application of this material at a basic level is all about installing stamped concrete blocks around the house. The building of patios is the most common use of stamped concrete and the final appearance remains unrivaled when compared to other regular building materials. However, this doesn’t imply that stamped concrete can only be used on patios. Many people use the material on walkways, steps in commercial or residential buildings and even to build driveways for their vehicles.

Distinctive varieties of stamped concrete

varieties of stamped concrete
There is a wide variety of stamped concrete available in the market. It is easy to purchase them from nearby home improvement stores where you can select the designs and request their services in carrying out the desired task. Realistic tree bark stamps, wildcat track, bear, fossil and many other shell stamps can provide a distinctive look to any area you choose to place your stamped concrete.

The material can also be compacted with anything but it should be left to get hard enough after the compression process to leave their impression. Feel free to express this type of creativity to the company providing you with stamped concrete services and you can never be disappointed with the results.

Texture skins

Texture skins
The material can be stomped with slate granule or granite skins if you wish to have a permanent and distinctive surface without the appearance of separate stones. The acrylic spots and russet acid stain can help keep your concrete tainted. You can make your outside patio, driveway or long central corridor look like some old state of the Roman period by adding a texture coat. You can furnish the surface to resemble large squares with diamonds once the material dries before sealing it with a decorated layer to make the tint more colorful.

How to Get the Best of Stamped Concrete

The only way you can make a surface look great is by incorporating the unique texture and feel of stamped concrete. The increasing number of patterns, design, and color will give you a wide variety of stimulating effects. This type of concrete also lasts longer and you will enjoy using the surface for a long time without any defects. Do you want to get the best out of your stamped concrete? Then there are a few factors you need to consider before making the next move. The three major elements to look out for is finding the best contractor, get the perfect design and keep maintenance a priority.

  • Choose the best contractor

A client needs to select a professional service provider of stamped concrete in order to achieve the desired look. It is an essential aspect as it determines the final appearance of your surface as well as the satisfaction of clients. Although there are many contractors who promise to do a perfect job, we advise taking your time to understand the scope of services provided and get the one who best suits your needs. Before choosing a contractor, check out the quality of service they provide as well as their reputation and years of experience in the field.
Selecting an experienced company should be your top priority when looking for stamped concrete service providers. One of the basic elements of stamped concrete is that it should be comprised of the right mixture. The concrete becomes less durable in a situation where you fail to use the right concrete mixture and there is nothing you can do to reverse the situation. That is the primary reason why you should be extremely cautious when it comes to making a decision about the right service providers. If you have installed the best-stamped concrete, then you will definitely enhance the appearance of your home and increase its value in future.

  • Get the best design

There are several ways to find a unique idea about your stamped concrete needs. First, try to check out different types of buildings to get a visual of similar types of designs. For example, if you are working with a brick theme, it will go handy with a brick theme. You can also check out stamped concrete providers as they already have a wide variety of designs that you can compare and choose. You also get the best advice regarding the type of design which will depend on your particular situation.

  • Don’t forget the maintenance!

Maintenance is one of the most essential factors to consider if you want to get the best out of your stamped concrete. The installation and maintenance of these building structures make them last longer. Some of the maintenance tips is applying a color hardener. It not only gives the concrete a unique color but also protects it from abrasion and penetration. A protective sealer can also work best to keep away dirt, stains, and chemicals from the concrete. This also makes it easier to clean your stamped concrete and they will eventually last longer than you expect. You could read this guide to find out why concrete sealer is so important.

Amazing Ways of How Stamped Concrete Can Be Part of Your Home

As we mentioned earlier, stamped concrete adds an aesthetic value to a building when it comes in different shapes, sizes, style, and color. Many times people confuse it with materials like brick or slate and it can also resemble wood because of the design used in its finishing. That is the main reason why stamped concrete has been used as a means of decoration in modern real estates. If you want your home to have the amazing nature and appeal of stamped concrete, you will have to select beautiful designs that blend with your preferred theme.

The concrete can be mixed with another material to come up with a unique design. The ability to mix different colors is an added benefit that helps achieve the desired effect on the area you want to install your stamped concrete. It works great when the areas being designed needs to have shapes that are carved out and the most common places to install them are terraces and pathways.

Utilization of this type of concrete requires excellent finishing which should fit the type of design being implemented. If you would like to have a wooden effect, then the finishing used should be polished so as to enhance that effect. A mold is used to create beautiful countertops and stamped concrete has always been flexible when it comes to areas where it can be used.

A skilled concrete contractor will always be familiar with different methods of handling the concrete. If the concrete needs to be polished, then making countertops and other surfaces using special materials and molding will aid in blending. The best contractor will curve out the concrete to achieve the desired effect before combining colors (color molding). It is also important to consider the different finishes that can be applied to the concrete such as acid staining finish or limestone finish.

Bottom line

Stamped concrete is considered one of the best building materials and is ideal for people who want to achieve unique designs in residential houses or commercial buildings. It is essential to choose a skilled contractor to install your stamped concrete as it determines your overall satisfaction and the desired effect. Using stamped concrete on driveways, and patios will make these areas beautiful and appealing.

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