10 Steps to Help You Choose the Right Kids Beds


We spend almost a third of our lives in bed, and kids spend most of their day on their beds. So, it’s important that you spend plenty of time choosing the right one for your son or daughter. The wrong bed can lead to sore muscles, back pain, poor posture, and sleep deprivation. To get the most bang for your buck, we recommend you get something for your child that’s fun, practical, has storage compartments, and flexible as your child grows. You can ask your kids for kind of design and color they are looking in the bed, it can be a personalized kids gifts for them and they will definitely love it.

Here are our 10 steps to choosing the right bed for your kids:

1. Visit A Few Stores

When it comes to kids’ bed, it’s not possible for you to get a good picture of the bed by simply seeing it online. Visit a few stores with your kid; it will make you and him try out different styles, shapes, and designs that suit his room and requirements.

2. Lie On The Bed To Know How It Feels

As we said earlier an uncomfortable bed will do no good to your child’s back and sleep, there are loads of mattress sizes to choose from though. So, it’s imperative you ask your child to try the bed before buying it. You also try it by yourself. We all have different bodies and one bed won’t fit everybody. People have different weight and build, so by the bed that provides you the maximum support and comfort. If you can find a bed that fits your child body when lying down, then opt for an adjustable bed

3. Let Your Child Choose A Bed

It’s your child bed, so make sure he or she likes it. Let them choose the bed, sure as a parent you can help them make the right choice.

4. Ensure The Bed Fits The Room

It doesn’t matter, how good or comfortable the bed is, if it doesn’t fit your child’s room, it is useless. Take the overall bedroom size before buying any bed. Don’t buy a bed that is too big for the room. You need reasonable space around the bed so that your kid can comfortably move around the room.

5. Ensure the bed is free of toxic paint and finishes

In general, kids’ beds are often colorful and come in a variety of finishes. But sometimes, some paints and finishes may contain harmful chemicals that cause allergic reactions and other health complications. It’s not usual to find little boys or girls chewing on the bed frame, so stay away from beds or mattresses that may have toxic chemicals.

6. Choose a bed with safe frame designs

Buy a bed that has rounded frames. Avoid bed that has sharp or unrounded joints. This will prevent your child from getting hurt when he hit those joints.

7. Look for a bed with a lower height

This design feature won’t only prevent your child from easily getting in and out of bed; it will also reduce injuries in case if the child falls. If you’re concerned about your child falling, you can place some cushions around the entire perimeter of the bed. You can also place guardrails that can be attached to the bed frame.

8. Select a solid wooden bed

Kids like to play and jump on their beds. So, you need something that is sturdy and doesn’t squeaks or wobbles. A wooden bed is the sturdiest, but if your kid chooses a metal frame bed, ensure that the screws on the joints are secure and doesn’t become loose now and then.

9. Select an appropriate mattress

Choose a mattress that not fits the frame, but comfortable too. The mattress should be fire retardant. The mattress should also fit the entire frame of the bed properly. In addition, the mattress should be firm enough to support the child’s weight, so the child can’t sink into it. This is extremely crucial as there are unfortunate incidents where children have suffocated to soft mattresses.

10. Make sure the bed looks good and feels good to your child

Beds aren’t just for sleeping. Beds should add character to your child’s room and blend with the décor. Your child should enjoy sleeping in the bed. Choose beds with headboards as they look great on any beds. You can find headboards that wooden, metallic or upholstered and in a myriad of great designs.

Another factor to consider while buying kids’ beds is to buy beds that have the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification. Furthermore, choose a bed that is easy to assemble and clean, and come with warranties.

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