Using Pinterest to Transform Your Home


Transform Your Home

Pinterest is any budding interior designer’s best friend. The endless amounts of beautifully decorated homes are enough to inspire the least experienced DIY decorator, providing plenty of food for thought for those wanting to upgrade their home. With the ability to search for anything from DIY crafts to Scandi inspired designs to adopt, finding the perfect style for any room in the house has never been easier. Make the most out of the platform with these handy tips on how to use Pinterest to totally transform your home.

Things you (almost) missed

Things you (almost) missed
It’s easy to focus on the obvious when decorating your home, more often than not we miss the bigger picture. Pinterest often focuses on these details, helping you discover what’s missing from your home. A great example is bedrooms; many people start piling pillows on top of the bed as a way of decorating, but what about the beds themselves?

Many of the images that pop up when searching for bedrooms on Pinterest present sleek and stylish headboards or bases but adding storage to the mix can clear clutter too – so you get a beautiful bed and a beautiful tidy room. Look into furniture from a store such as Divan Beds Centre that features inbuilt storage on gorgeous bed designs.

Bathrooms are another great example of this. Instead of focusing on details such as vases or photographs, take a look at how you can change the radiators, metal piping and taps to bring new life into the room.

Spot the trends

Spot the trends
Trends are easy to keep on top of with Pinterest due to its mood board style layout. When you search for something, you may notice other recommended terms that match yours. This is what other people are searching for around the same topic, giving you an insight into what’s popular and ideas on how you can transform your home. As well as checking out the search terms and scrolling through the images themselves, you can check out Pinterest’s annual top trends where they summarise the most popular search terms for the year.

Create separate boards for projects

It may be tempting to go crazy and start pinning everything straight away, but there should be a method to the madness. Always create a separate board for a new project to stay organised and make the most of the platform. Pinterest regularly releases new tools to help you organise your boards better and easier to keep on top of. Try creating your boards before you start pinning so you know exactly what goes where.

Look for links

Look for links
Always check the source links given when viewing an individual product. You’d be surprised just how many images go straight to the original website, allowing you to purchase it in the click of a button. Stumbled across the perfect piece of furniture only to find a lack of link?

Don’t worry, try searching Google using the ‘reverse image search’ tool by saving the image to your computer and dragging it into the Google Images search bar. If you still can’t find it, look at the defining features of the product such as the pattern and search for those. You’re likely to find the product using these methods or get a very similar item at the very least.

Find everything

It may sound overdramatic, but you really can find everything on Pinterest. Be as broad or as specific as you want, you’re sure to find something that transforms your home. If you’re not sure where to start, just search for the room you want to start with. By simply searching for ‘bedroom’, you’ll find a plethora of amazing rooms that are sure to spark your creativity. Alternatively, you can search for specific products or themes to find ideas on how to style them.

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