How to Clean Brass Utensils?


Clean Brass Utensils

Brass has a long history of years and years, it holds both traditional and scientific importance in our culture. We all know that Brass is an alloy made of Zinc and Copper and people from all over the world who believe in existence and worship of God use only copper utensils in their spiritual duty. Similarly, it has a long list of scientific benefits; the major benefit is that drinking water from copper vessels is one of the best healthy habits that one can have. It absorbs all the chemicals, germs, and bacteria to make it unadulterated.

Brass utensils are used for various purposes like cooking, storage of water & grocery & puja articles as well. The Utilization of these utensils increases the spirituality, piousness & emits the emotion of happiness. This alloy is very popular among people because of its strength, durability, beauty, elegance, and resistance for corrosion. We all love brass items but is extremely different to maintain their shine as new. It feels and great in your hands and has great chemical and physical properties. Not only this, they give an aesthetic feel to your home. Therefore, it is important to keep your Brass utensils clean and clear.

How to Clean Brass Naturally?

Clean Brass
There are numerous cleaning methods that take household products to keep you brass utensils shiny and elegant for the whole life ahead. Read more to learn the simplest ways that you can use to keep your brass utensils clean and fresh always.

  • Before cleaning your brass utensil, always make sure that you have a brass material to clean your utensil. But how will you know that the material you are using is made up of Brass? There is a very simple technique to find out that the material you are using is made up of brass or not. Get a magnet and put on your cleaning material, if it gets stuck, then you need to stop there. It can be brass with iron plating. Cleaning material of brass can get the lost charm and elegance from your old utensils.
  • Go to the sink of your kitchen and fill it full with water. After filling the sink with water mix some liquid dish detergent in it. In order to clean the utensil, rub the surface of the brass object with a soft-bristled toothbrush or cotton rag to clean its corners and edges very precisely. Don’t be afraid to put a little pressure and check how much it has been cleaned after you are done.
  • If your brass utensil is lacquered and you want to remove it, then you can use hot boiling water mixed with few teaspoons of bleaching powder and washing powder to clean the dirt settled on it. You can boil your utensil for long until the lacquer comes off automatically, or you can leave your utensil in water for a few minutes and can remove the dirt afterwards.
  • Another natural way to clean your brass utensil is to squeeze a lemon into a bowl and mix it with the few spoons of baking soda. It will fizz in the beginning but will settle in the end. Apply the paste onto your brass utensil and rub it with your gentle hands. Once you are done, rinse the utensil and let it dry. In the end, you will feel that the utensil is sparkling as if it is bought from the market today.
  • Using non-gel toothpaste to clean the brass utensil is another homemade method to clean the brass utensil. Begin the cleaning process by washing your brass utensil with soap and removing the wetness with a paper towel. Then squeeze a bit of toothpaste onto a small piece of cloth to rub the surface of brass utensil, when done clean and dry the surface with a towel or piece of cloth to give the beauty back to the tarnished brass utensil.
  • Take a bowl and two tablespoons of flour, two tablespoons of water, and two tablespoons of vinegar and mix it in even proportions. Apply a thick layer of this paste to the entire surface of your brass utensil until it is completely dried out. In this process, the vinegar dissolves all the dark and dense spots and the flour absorbs all the dirt collected at the surface. After you are done, take a piece of soft cloth and take off the dried layer. To remove the paste completely wash the utensil soap and let it dry immediately.
  • Filtz is non-abrasive and the non-toxic product used widely as a polisher and cleaner for the brass products. It is best for cleaning and polishing the surface of brass utensils. The product protects the brass surface for up to six months in freshwater and up to three months in salt water. How it is used? Squeeze it little on a piece of soft cloth, rub the entire surface of the brass item and polish it. Once it is done, clean your object and wipe it with a paper towel or a piece of cloth to make it dry.
  • The last method will definitely leave your mouth open because it is tomato ketchup. It can also make your tarnished brass utensils new like day 1. Use this method today. Squirt some ketchup on a clean cloth and rub it over the brass surface for few minutes. Then wipe it with a clean damped cloth with water and let it dry in air.

Brass Utensils
Well, gone are the days when brass was only used to make different utensils. Now the market has an extensive range for trendy brass interiors and accent accessories. But, with time they lose the shine and charm and leave the unhappy face behind. If you are also disappointed with the tarnished surface of your brass utensil and other items then use these simple and homemade tricks mentioned above. These steps are enough to bring the charm and elegance of your brass utensils back. Hopefully, these tips will turn all the tarnished and all brass utensils into new!

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