Using a Paint Roller When Painting Your House

Painting you home can be a challenging job. But when you consider the transformation and increase in property value that can be added from a fresh new coat of paint, it all seems worthwhile.

To achieve a great result you can hire experienced house painters, or you could choose the DIY route.

If you decide to do your house painting yourself, you must first ensure that you have the appropriate tools to complete the project. A paint roller is one of these tools and besides having it, it’s crucial you understand the techniques of using it.

  • Loading the Roller

Loading the Roller

One thing with loading your roller is that the paint is only needed on the sleeve rather than on the entire roller. The type of roller sleeve (the tube that applies the paint) that you have and the painting surface will determine the amount of paint on your roller.

  • Applying the Paint

This is a crucial stage of painting your walls. It also determines how the end result will be. For consistent painting and a desired finish, there is a technique that is a must follow. The paint roller has its paint holding capacity that you should work with. While doing the actual painting, you should do it from top to the bottom in long motions in areas that are 2 to 4 feet wide.

  • Use the Right Pressure

Surfaces vary in roughness. Using the right pressure does not mean that you overly press the roller on to the wall. For a well-prepared surface that is smooth, just use normal pressure but in areas that are rough, use a bit of pressure. Keep in mind that the thickness of the paint must be consistent for the best finish. If too much pressure is used where unnecessary, the wall will end up with roller marks.

  • Smoothen the Paint

Smoothen the Paint
To paint along the ceiling, it requires skill. The paint could run into the ceiling which perhaps has a different color. Its recommended that you do not reload the roller and that you use a single horizontal stroke.

  • Inspect the Work

Immediately after you have roller applied the paint, you should inspect the finish. Does the thickness seem to be consistent? Is the paint spread evenly? Are there roller marks or paints? It’s better to identify such problems before the paint dries out rather than when it’s too late. This is because, it’s easier to fix a problem early rather than later.

Skills are required to paint walls using a roller. Using the right pressure without overdoing it, loading the roller correctly, using the recommended techniques to apply the paint, smoothening out the paint and inspecting the work are just some tips to help you do a perfect job.

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