Uses of Angle Grinder


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When it comes to the metal or construction industry, engineers and workers have always wanted the best tools.

Angle Grinder is a versatile handheld tool. It has nearly changed the industry of metal and construction. 

The compact design and easy to operate procedure has made this tool, an amazing invention. This is termed as Disk Grinder or Side Grinder too. This innovative product was invented by a German Company.

According to Angle Grinder’s guide it is an invention that has transformed the construction industry. If you are unaware of this cool invention, we are here to help you out.

How does the Angle Grinder work?

Well, before we know the never-ending use of this tool, we should know how it works?

An Angle Grinder works by battery or it comes with an electric cord, but it’s good to know that it comes with a pneumatic version too.

These power tools have detachable power wheels. You need an angle grinder blade size 10 by 11 cm for a variety of tasks. If you need to use the grinder for industrial use, choose a 5-9 amp motor. A 5-9 amp will give you extra power with durability.

Uses of Angle Grinder;

This tool can be called Epitome of versatility. It is made especially for polishing or grinding, but you can use it for a variety of projects too. You can use it to sharpen, cut, polish and sand different kinds of material.


Let have a detailed view of its uses;

1. Polishing and Smoothing;

The flap discs of your angle grinder are used for a polishing flat surface for finishing work. The discs are made with different grains that vary from material to material.

In general the more material you want to remove the more power the disc should have. The grinder leaves a clean but not the smooth surface.

Sandpaper pads or flapper wheels are used to smooth out any surface. They are designed for a cleaned and finished look. They are also used for rounding the edges and curved angles rather than the sharp ones.

The polishing is done by the same method but soft cotton wheels are used instead of fine abrasive emery and sandpaper in smoothing.

Smoothing and Polishing is a very time taking process but it’s more rewarding.

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2. Grinding Surfaces;

As the name suggests the Angle Grinder is a tool for grinding surface. This can be ANY kind of surface, the abrasive material can be aluminium, diamond, carbide or others.

These discs offer you flattening, completely removed or smooth off. You just need to press the disc on it with pressure in a circular motion.

Angle Grinder helps you ground a variety of metals like aluminium, steel or stainless steel.

In the construction field, concrete is another material that is widely chewed down by diamond disks.

Wood and plastic can be grounded too. As they are comparatively soft material than metals and concrete, therefore they don’t require abrasive steel wheels. They can be cut by diamond tips or metal blades.

There comes another variety of discs called Grinding discs. They are the heavy-duty ones designed for grinding on a large scale and in the least time. This process is termed Roughing out.

The Roughing out process leaves behind an unfinished look. The smooth and even look is achieved by soft-touch or finishing discs. This is named as Finishing process.

3. Cutting Metals;

An Angle Grinder can be a powerful tool for a metal-cutting machine. Who on the Earth would cut rods, bars or bolts with a hacksaw these days?

Just put in an abrasive cutting wheel and you are now able to cut rods, bars and metal tools with this versatile tool.

Well, cutting metal is heavy-duty work and if you are willing to use an angle grinder in metal cutting, upgrade your machine.

4. Cutting Concrete and Tiles;

Tiles and concrete are important parts of construction and renovation sites. It turns out to be a painful job when you don’t have a tile saw.

Luckily, now you don’t waste your time finding a perfect cutter. Angle Grinder is here to save you. Attaching a dry-cut diamond disk will make your task as smooth as silk.

5. Mortar Removal;

Wait, what mortar is bothering you? Are you finding something that would not damage the brick but remove the old mortar? Need not to worry, here comes the Angle Grinder.

Use a diamond tuck-pointing wheel as thick as the mortar. Just pass the grinder on morter several times and the old mortar is gone forever.

To avoid dust and debris or any severe injury to the eyes, never miss wearing safety goggles and a face shield.

6. Auto Body Work;

This tool helps in various fields when it comes to the automobile industry. It has proved out to be a must-have in automobile works.

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It can help you in,

  • Rust Removal;

Wire wheels and brushes will help you to remove rust from the vehicle. It’s too handy when you just want to remove the rust and want to save the shiny metal underneath.

The eroded sections and oxidized metals will be removed flawlessly. You will get a clean surface for your repair work.

  • Removing Paint;

The nice new paint, you got on your car is a miracle of Angle Grinder and Wire Cup. This is a secret of auto body shops.

This secret is finally revealed. Now you know that the old paint of your car is removed by this amazing tool and the mechanic has painted the car after removal of that worn-out paint.


This multifunctional tool is no doubt a beat invention of man. It helps in a wide range of tasks. It not only helps in the above-mentioned tasks but is also helpful in others too like;

  • Tool Sharpening.
  • Sanding wood.
  • Planing Wood. etc
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