The Best Mattress for Every Kind of Sleeper


Every Kind of Sleeper

Did you know that there is a mattress designed specifically for every kind of sleeper? Knowing which mattress to buy is crucial to ensuring a peaceful, restful, and pain-free sleep. You should know by now if you prefer sleeping on your side, belly, or back. You also have to factor in your body weight and whether you need cooling or warming comfort. 

If you are confused as to which mattress to get, you are in the right place. Here is how you can pick the best mattress for every kind of sleeper.

Side Sleepers

Side Sleepers

About four in ten people sleep on their side because it is one of the healthiest ways to doze. It is especially the case in the fetal position, maintaining the spine’s natural alignment. You might also be a fan of the spooning, log, or yearner positions. Interestingly, some studies show side-sleeping can reduce your risk of developing Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

The best mattress for side sleepers offers exceptional contouring comfort and consistent body support. An innerspring mattress for side sleepers is best because of its enhanced edge support. It is perfect for those who tend to sleep near the edge of the bed, ensuring consistent support. 

Back Sleepers

If you have sleep apnea or low back pain, chances are you do not sleep on your back, said Sleep enthusiasts at SleepMatters. It is also not the best position for those who snore. The majority of back sleepers lie flat on the mattress with their arms straight on their sides in a position known as ‘soldier’. Others prefer exposing their armpits by placing their arms near their heads.

The best mattress for back sleepers offers optimal support to the shoulders and hips without losing natural spinal alignment. The mattress should be firm enough to allow body conformity without sagging. You do not want to sink into your bed and make you feel like drowning in fluffiness. 

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

WebMD says that if you sleep on your tummy, there is a good chance you are outgoing and sociable. You love speaking your mind and are not too keen on receiving criticism. On the other hand, says tummy sleeping flattens your spine’s natural curve and may contribute to upper back pain and neck stiffness.

Regardless, if you find comfort sleeping on your belly, it would be best to choose a mattress that offers enough pushback to maintain natural spine alignment. It should also have a contouring pillow top or an extra padded layer to relieve pressure on the shoulders and chest. These features are enough to push your belly up and maintain spinal alignment without causing discomfort. 

Combination Sleepers

The Wall Street Journal published an article saying that people tend to sleep in different positions every night. Some can change their sleep position as seldom as three times or as frequently as 36 times in one night. Almost 60 percent of us start our slumber in the side-lying position, while others begin their dreamy journey on their back.

A mattress made for combination sleepers provides consistent body support and optimum comfort. The mattress maintains spinal alignment, regardless of how much you stir in your bed. It should accommodate the different sleeping positions without giving you a sinking feeling or body aches.

Heavyweight Sleepers

When factoring your body weight in your choice of the best mattress, you also need to look into your sleeping position preference. For example, heavy people (at least 200 lbs.) sleeping on their side should avoid sleeping near the bed’s edge. You do not want to wake up from your dream because you are already on the floor.

That is why the best mattress for heavy people has excellent edge support. It should help you stay on the mattress, not roll over and fall off the bed. The ideal mattress also provides exceptional comfort, body contouring, and temperature neutrality. 

Petite and Lightweight Sleepers

Petite and Lightweight Sleepers

People weighing less than 130 pounds are lightweight, skinny, or petite sleepers. They cannot use medium-firm to firm mattresses because they push against bony prominences and produce pressure sores. 

The best mattress for petite sleepers is the memory foam because it responds quickly to slight pressure changes. Memory foam mattresses provide adequate comfort and body contouring, ensuring good quality sleep. Latex foam mattresses are perfect for petite sleepers who want a weightless feel in their sleep. You can also choose a hybrid mattress that offers you the best of both worlds.

Hot Sleepers

Do you find yourself waking up several times at night because you are sweaty and feel uncomfortable even if you already turned your air conditioning unit to the lowest temperature setting? You are a hot sleeper. If your core body temperature is warmer than average, there is a good chance your sleep quality will be off. You will be more prone to insomnia. 

That is why you should pick the right cooling mattress for you. It should have moisture-wicking materials to make your sleep more comfortable. You can pick a mattress that has cotton or silk materials because they are highly breathable. These fibers promote more efficient airflow, cooling your body, and reducing nighttime sweating.

Cold Sleepers

Some people cannot sleep without several layers of thick blankets over their bodies, even though it is summery hot outside. Studies show that women’s surface temperatures are 2.8-degree Celsius lower than men, making them feel cold faster than men. Women have a higher body surface-area-to-volume ratio and are typically smaller than men, too. These factors cause women to lose heat faster.

If you are a cold sleeper, the best mattress for you is a memory foam or any mattress with excellent heat-retention properties. Most people get memory foam because it conforms to their body shape. When you lie down on your bed, the mattress warms up faster to give you a more comfortable sleep. 

The Bottom Line

Restful sleep hinges on the selection of the best mattress for every kind of sleeper. Too firm, and you might wake up to more body aches. Too soft, and you will have that sinking feeling and depriving you of peaceful slumber. Pick right, and you can have the nicest, most refreshing, and most restful sleep you can have in your life.

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