Unique & Fun Decor Ideas for Kid’s Playrooms



Every child dreams of a fun, magical space that is designed for play. You can create a gorgeous playroom for your child that helps foster their creative ideas and promotes imagination. A kid’s playroom should focus on the things that your child loves, such as Barbie room decor or Minecraft designs, and it should also grow with them through different stages. Here are unique and fun decor ideas that every kid would love in a playroom.

Encourage Creativity

A space dedicated to your child should encourage all forms of creativity. A great way to do this with the room’s decor is to give your children a way to express themselves in the room. You can cover the walls in chalkboard paint and give your kids free rein over what designs and themes they want to create with their chalk. Or, let your kids help design the wall coverings with removable wallpaper that can easily be swapped out as they grow.

Incorporate Storage Space


Having kids means you likely have lots of toys and their parts all over your house. A playroom is a great place to relocate all of the toys and everything that goes with them and keep the rest of your home free of the clutter. Incorporate clever toy storage ideas in the playroom to keep everything neat and organized, such as built-in shelving or a wall of cubby storage for everyone’s stuff.

Make It Easy To Clean

It’s also wise to make sure your kid’s playroom space is easy to clean. Doing craft projects, finger painting, dressing up and playing pretend may get messy. Install easy-to-clean flooring options such as linoleum or floor tiles. Make sure the kids room wallpaper can be quickly wiped off with a sponge if it gets splattered with paint, food or grime.

Show Off Art

Next, showcase your child’s masterpieces by hanging their art projects on the walls in the playroom. Consider getting each piece framed so it is protected from any potential damage or mess. As your child grows, add to your playroom’s art collection to highlight their growing creative skills.

Create a Space for Books


Parents call also promote their child’s literacy skills by setting aside a dedicated reading space in the playroom. First, work on acquiring a variety of books for your children’s reading level and interests. Organize the books on a bookshelf in the playroom and create a cozy reading nook nearby to give your kids a fun place to get lost in a new story.

Add a Fort

No playroom would be complete without an area to building a sofa fort. Make sure your children’s playroom features plenty of space for them to construct a fort out of pillows, blankets and other furniture. You can also bring in a pre-built fort, such as a small tent or teepee for younger children to hide away in and enjoy.

If you’re designing a new playroom in your home for your kids to enjoy, focus on decor that elevates the fun and inspires imagination. Follow these basic ideas to get started on a children’s playroom that your kids and their friends will love to spend time in.

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