Tips for Updating Your Fireplace



In many homes, the fireplace is the focal point of your main living space. It’s often used as a gathering space for cozy evenings and festive occasions. Its overall appearance can make or break the vibe of your space. 

So how do you make sure your fiery focal point stays on point? Sure, your fireplace is functional, but shouldn’t it be visually appealing as well? Like many aspects of home decor, the challenge is to create a beautiful space while making sure the function remains a priority.

There are a few projects that you can add to your to-do list to get and keep your fireplace looking top-notch. Some are small, easy changes and others are major overhauls. Either way, you’re sure to impress your guests with your new fireplace and give yourself a comfy spot to enjoy.

Modernize Your Actual Fireplace

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces can be a huge hassle. They can be extremely messy and tedious to maintain. Constantly adding logs and poking embers is hardly relaxing. Plus, they can pose safety hazards to little kids and pets. Not to mention that they need to be serviced and inspected regularly. 

Many people find themselves not even utilizing their wood-burning fireplaces as it’s such a task to keep them clean and stay stocked up on wood. However, modernizing your fireplace can give you an easy-to-light fire that you can ignite in seconds. And you won’t have to deal with the ash and soot that comes with the old-school wood-burning style.

A lot of homeowners find that an white electric fireplace is the best of both worlds of function and style. Many models include extremely realistic-looking flames as even those crackling sounds of comfort. Plus, with styles varying from uber-modern to classic traditional, you’re sure to find one to fit your home and its aesthetic. 

A vented gas fireplace is another popular choice. It runs on natural gas and once the pilot is lit, you just need to turn it on for an instant fire. These produce radiant heat to warm up the room and real flames for an awesome mood. It may be an investment at first but will pay off in the long run.

Consider the Other Side

Maybe your fireplace happens to be on an interior wall. This gives you a unique opportunity to create a dual-sided fireplace to take your home’s atmosphere to the next level. You can still get creative and pull off this custom look on an exterior wall as well.

Creating a dual-sided fireplace is a professional-level project. You’ll have to be sure you have adequate venting with the new larger fireplace. You’ll also want a contractor to be sure that your project is done to code. However, the unique look and access to the fire from both rooms are well worth investing in the conversion. 

You can still mimic this look on an exterior wall. Wall-mounted outdoor fireplaces are an amazing option for outdoor living spaces. Consider having one installed on the opposite side of the exterior wall from your indoor fireplace. This creates a stunning look from both the inside and out. 

Look Upwards


The area around your fireplace does a lot to add or detract from its appeal. And that includes the area above it. Add an accent wall or feature to make your fireplace an even more impactful focal point. 

If you don’t currently have anything installed above your fireplace, you’re in luck. This gives you the freedom to create nearly any look imaginable. Plan to fill the entire space from the top of the fireplace to the ceiling, mimicking a chimney, for the most dramatic and polished look.

If you are looking to create a rustic or farmhouse-like feel, add shiplap or reclaimed wood planks above your fireplace. Adding a board and batten feature wall surrounding your fireplace creates a polished, custom look. Or, skim coat layers of concrete on the wall above the fireplace for an industrial vibe. 

Even if you currently have a brick or stone chimney above your fireplace, you can create a whole new look. Brick can be whitewashed to transform and modernize it. Using a German Schmear technique can instantly update a stone chimney and fireplace surround. Or, either material can be painted using the appropriate epoxy to create any color surface you desire.

Accent and Accessorize

Once you have the prime foundation set for your fireplace, you’ll want to accent and accessorize it. And what better way to accent your stunning focal point than with an equally stunning mantle? Plus, you’ll have the perfect spot to add some accessories to make the room your own. 

Take the time and select a mantle that’s as unique as your space. You can choose one that blends seamlessly into the fireplace for a seamless look. Or opt for one with a contrasting color or texture to make a statement. 

For more rustic spaces reclaimed barn beams make incredible and eco-friendly mantles. A sleek concrete or metal mantle is perfect to elevate industrial vibes. And the classically carved wood options on the market are great for the traditional look. 

The great thing about mantles is they only accentuate your fireplace as a focal point. You can style them with accessories to add interest and character to your space. Use photos, decorative accents, or greenery to elevate the style and overall look of your fireplace. 

Bringing New Life to Your Fireplace


Your fireplace is a great way to add warmth and a cozy vibe to your space. It’s also a focal point that can make your living areas pop. Updating your fireplace will breathe a new life into your decor.

So whether you simply update your mantle or overhaul your entire fireplace completely, you have the potential for big change both functionally and aesthetically. Take the time to make your fireplace your own and reflect your personal style. And you’ll enjoy relaxing by your new and improved view of your crackling fire that much more.

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