Unique Beds That Can Enhance Your Sleep

Sleeping for at least eight hours every night allows your body to repair damaged muscles, improve brainpower, and ward off stress and anxiety. Getting enough sleep can also result in increased energy and better productivity.

There are various factors that affect your sleep. They could be environmental, medical, and often than not, the quality of your bed could trigger your insomnia. If that’s the case, then you should invest in a comfortable bed to help improve your sleeping pattern.

Choosing a bed actually depends on your personal taste and preferences, but you can consider some unique beds if you want extra comfort and peaceful sleep. Local home depot stores and e-commerce sites can provide access to countless unique beds available in the market today. Regardless of your sleeping position and preferred firmness, there will be a unique bed that fits the bill.

For your next bedroom makeover, consider investing in the unique beds listed below. These beds can improve the quality of your sleep while providing aesthetics in your bedroom.

Smart Beds

Because of the advent of technology, individuals can now accomplish complex tasks in lesser time. Technology enables individuals to do more during the day without compromising the quality of their outcomes. But aside from improving common practices, technology also produced products that brought convenience to its users – and a smart bed is one.

Smart beds are just like your memory foam mattress, but only better. It is “smarter” than its traditional counterparts as it can track your sleep stats based on your sleeping position. You can think of a smart bed as a health tracker, but instead of wearing them in your wrist, you’re actually laying on it.
Smart Bed

Aside from enhancing your sleep, a smart bed can also help you start your day right because it can be synced with other devices at home. Based on the stats collected by your bed, your coffee maker will turn on minutes before you wake up so you can enjoy a hot cup of Joe upon getting out of bed.

A smart bed comes with several features that are designed to give you a restful sleep every night. You can now buy smart beds with the following features:

  • Precise temperature: How cold or warm a room is can affect your ability to sleep and to stay asleep. Regardless of how tired they are, some people will have a hard time dozing off if they are sweating profusely in their rooms or shivering under their blankets.

If inappropriate temperature has always been the reason why you’re losing sleep, fret not as there are now smart beds that automatically adjust to your preferred temperature. These smart beds will keep you cool throughout the entire night.

  • Conforms to your body: Different people will have different sleeping positions. While some sleep on their backs, others like to sleep on their sides. For people who are very conscious of how their bed reacts to their sleeping position, buy a smart bed that quickly adjusts to your sleeping position and body type.

This smart bed conforms to your sleeping position and hugs your body with the perfect level of bounce and firmness.

Adjustable Beds

Sleeping with your head raised can provide a lot of benefits. For one, sleeping elevated can open your breathing passages and reduce snoring. If you’re losing sleep because of illnesses caused by acid reflux, heart diseases, congestion, and sleep apnea, sleeping on an inclined bed can help. Inclined bed therapy is considered as an effective alternative to medicine and therapies in promoting better sleep.
Adjustable Beds
Unlike smart beds that only adjust their comfort levels and firmness based on your sleeping positions, adjustable beds are designed to incline. You can adjust the angle for your bed’s incline through a remote, which means that you don’t have to get out of bed just to fluff any pillows to be comfortable.

Through the bed’s remote control, you’ll be able to enjoy the following features:

  • Independent support: Because of its dual-air chamber, this type of bed can be raised in different angles on each side. As a result, you and your partner can sleep in one bed even if both of you prefer different levels of elevation.
  • Ideal firmness and support: Also called as the sleep number, you can now use the remote to adjust how firm or soft your bed will be. The sleep number ranges from 0 to 100 – the higher the number is, the firmer your bed will be. Air will be pumped from the air chamber to your bed to provide your ideal firmness or softness.

Focus On The Benefits

For you to end up buying the best bed for your needs, scout for options, and personally check its quality. Since the firmness of a bed is highly subjective, it’s best to lie on the product first before deciding what to buy.

Going from one store to another just to check several beds might be daunting, but your body will thank you later.

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