Understanding the Science Behind Bio-Bombs Odor Eliminators


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Over a decade ago, there was a special team of auto detailers working on client vehicles. As clean and incredible as the finished products looked, they often couldn’t remove the pungent odors that lingered in vehicles. This team tried the normal aerosols and spray air fresheners available on the market without satisfactory results. Unable to find an affordable solution for lingering odors, this team of creatives took to the laboratory to find the answers in science. 

It took some time, but eventually, they did, and Bio-Bombs was born. After a few tweaks and plenty of testing, this team learned how to really get the funk out of everyday places. With a time-tested solution that really works, this small team started delivering Bio-Bombs to car dealerships and auto detail shops across America. Their solution does more than mask odors for a little while, like the products on most grocery store shelves. It actually eliminates lingering odors. 

Here’s a little bit about the science behind how these incredible odor eliminators work. 

How Odors Work

Odors are generally volatilized compounds recognized by the human olfactory senses. These compounds are very often organic in nature, but there are exceptions. The sense of smell is mediated by olfactory nerves, which send signals to the olfactory bulb in the brain. This is where individual smell interpretation begins as the brain relates odorous molecules to past experiences for identification purposes

Different scents are created by a mixture of odor molecules that are light enough to be swept around by environmental factors. When these particles are released into the air, they can be detected by multiple olfactory receptors. Smaller particles tend to create more intense smells. This could be because more of them are leased into the environment for detection. 

Active Ingredients

Bio-Bombs utilize an amazing little molecule known as Chlorine dioxide to eliminate stench. Chlorine dioxide isn’t new, but we are only now learning how to harness its amazing odor-fighting power. It has long been used in the meatpacking industry and as a bleaching agent in paper mills. Chlorine produces carcinogens, but chlorine dioxide does not, so these industries have been using it for quite some time.

However, it has not been available for small-scale use or topical applications before now because of its properties. Chlorine dioxide is a gas that is most effective when generated at the time of use, and it is not easily transported. This left those in the odor elimination business with a conundrum that needed to be solved before they could harness the incredible power of this safe little molecule. 

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How Chlorine Dioxide Works

Chlorine dioxide is often used to disinfect and deodorize multiple surfaces and surface types. It is used as a sanitizer for neutralizing harmful bacteria and viruses in the environment while removing stubborn odors. Chlorine dioxide has the special ability to penetrate porous surfaces such as carpets or upholstery to effectively eliminate stubborn odors instead of masking them like other products. 

Chlorine dioxide eliminates odors through a process known as oxidation. More accurately, through a chemical process that sparks the transfer of electrons between molecules. Chlorine dioxide changes the composition of the molecules which create the odor, leaving them odorless. Odor molecules are very small, but chlorine dioxide molecules are much smaller by about 100 times. Lots of odor molecules can embed themselves into porous surfaces like carpets and car seat upholstery creating a pungent odor that is not easily removed. Chlorine dioxide molecules are the perfect size to follow and neutralize these odor-causing molecules. 

The tiny size of chlorine dioxide molecules allows them to penetrate even microscopic cracks and crevices which may be hidden from view. They are even much smaller than viral and bacterial spores. Their tiny size allows them to penetrate almost any area with unparalleled diffusion and the ability to reach organisms nearly anywhere. They quickly fill the space and create a chemical reaction, which allows them to trade electrons and neutralize negative odors permanently.

What kind of odors can be eliminated?

Chlorine dioxide can help eliminate many types of negative odors from multiple surfaces and areas. It effectively neutralizes odors caused by cigarette smoke, pet waste, and even food. Mold and mildew, skunk odors, and even just funk are no match for the chlorine dioxide in Bio-Bombs. It is effectively used near litter boxes, in workout rooms, and even to eliminate tough smells from attics and crawl spaces. 

This is not an odor-masking agent which must be consistently reapplied for effectiveness. The active ingredient known as chlorine dioxide completely neutralizes negative odors, destroying them completely. These particular odors do not typically return unless you smoke in the car again or leave food in the car to release more odors.

Are Bio-Bombs Safe?

Absolutely! Bio-Bombs are completely safe and effective for multiple uses. The active ingredient, known as chlorine dioxide, is the same molecule white blood cells release to combat potentially harmful pathogens. The human body safely produces this very same substance in response to potential threats that could make us sick. 

Chlorine dioxide is safe for use in homes, gyms, vehicles, and offices. It is used regularly in vehicles to help them smell clean and new, and the industry is even finding innovative new uses. The power of this product is being harnessed in the renovation business to clean, disinfect, and deodorize spaces without the use of harmful chemicals or fragrances.   

Get Your Bio-Bombs Today

If you’ve got tough odors that need neutralizing, don’t mask them with harmful chemicals or fragrances. These may provide temporary relief, but they won’t last, and these products could potentially be hazardous. Chlorine dioxide effectively neutralizes all kinds of tough odors without the need for manual labor like wiping or scrubbing. This little miracle molecule does the tough jobs safely, effectively, and permanently. 

Whether you want to neutralize odors in your car, your home, or even your office, Bio-Bombs are your permanent solution. This environmentally friendly antimicrobial will make your life easier, and your world smell a whole lot better. It’s a safe, simple solution to the foul smell of neighborhood stench. Don’t suffer from odors any longer. Get yours today.

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