5 Adorable Themes for Your New Baby’s Nursery



Getting your home ready for a new baby is exciting. Designing a new nursery for your baby to ensure they have a cozy space can be a wonderful experience. Here are five themed ideas you can use to design a stunning nursery that will provide a comfortable haven for you and your new baby.

1. Nautical Theme

Welcome your new bundle of joy into a nautical-themed nursery. A charming seaside theme is ideal for any little mate joining the crew. Incorporating classic maritime elements like anchors, model sailboats, lighthouses, and seashells will set the theme. A blue and white color palette is a great backdrop for a nautical-themed nursery.

However, you can think outside the box and use seafoam greens and other shades of blue to set the tone. A nautical theme is a great option for a nursery because it can grow with your child. Children between three and 12 learn through play and positive emotions like joy and social interactions, and a nautical-themed nursery is a great place to play and imagine!

2. Woodland Theme

Nature gives us all we need to create a one-of-a-kind nursery. A woodland-themed nursery can incorporate natural elements. You can get creative with this theme. Incorporate natural textiles and things that you would find in the forest. For example, branches can be used as wall art. Relaxing earth-tone colors like browns, greens, and beige set the stage for the decor.

You can focus on bringing in natural elements like bamboo rugs and other natural materials with this theme. Adding sweet woodland creatures to the wall decor will elevate the space and create a fantasy nursery that is an oasis of sleep and rest. A woodland theme provides plenty of opportunities to create a unique nursery setting.

3. Storybook Theme

A storybook theme is a great way to create a magical nursery in your home. Choose storybook characters as your main decor for this nursery theme. Colors can be at your discretion but should be light and whimsical. Light lavenders, muted greens, and blues can create a dreamy backdrop.

This theme can be full of castles, princesses, mermaids, and teddy bears. Choose your favorite storybook character and build the theme around that character or characters. Incorporate plenty of fairy lights strung around the room to give that fantasy glow!

4. Garden Theme

A botanical-themed nursery is a great way to incorporate nature that will nurture. Think of giant, colorful bloom decorations to convey the fun garden of rest and play theme. Incorporating fairies and garden gnomes into the decor will establish the theme nicely.

You can choose fun colors as the backdrop of this theme to tie everything together. Wall murals of flowers are an easy way to set the tone for the theme. Pick fun botanically themed bedding to further convey that this is a garden home of a special arrival.

5. Music Theme

Did you know that 15 months of music training during early childhood causes positive structural changes in the brain? Music is an important teaching tool for your baby! A musical-themed nursery in your home can also be sophisticated. Musical notes scattered on the walls and sophisticated colors will elevate the space.

Monochrome colors are a great backdrop for a music-inspired nursery. This nursery can be outfitted with instruments and fun reminders like sheet music of your favorite songs framed and hung on the walls. There are many elements that you can incorporate into this theme.

Depending on whether you’re adopting a baby, expecting a baby via surrogacy, or giving birth yourself, you have a finite period to get your nursery ready. Adopting a baby can mean you have days to prepare the space, the surrogate process takes about 12 to 13 months, and having a baby yourself means you probably have about eight months to set up the area. No matter how much time you have, consider implementing one of these magical themes for your baby!

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