Types of the Myrtle Beach Condos to Choose From

Myrtle Beach is a coastal neighborhood on the coast of Horry County, South Carolina, in the heart of “The Grand Strand.”

There are many oceanfront properties in Myrtle Beach. Condos for rent can be found all over the Grand Strand, with 1, 2, 3, 4, and even 5-bedroom units available. The possession of a condominium distinguishes it from every other guest suite.

A condo differs from a regular apartment. It is a unit in a neighborhood owned by an individual and can be found in any coastline or seaside home. It may be in entirely new construction or an existing structure. These properties, whether oceanfront or beach view, provide views of the ocean.

Things You Should Know

Before you buy a condo in Myrtle Beach, there are a few things you should know.

Indoor ponds, rooftop pools, heated tubs, relaxing rivers, baby tubs, children’s bathtubs, pools with fountains and dump baskets, decorated mini water parks with squirting pets, mushroom fountains, bubble fountains, and water slides are all popular facilities found in most condominiums.

There are, of course, beachfront experiences of the coastline, coastal services, parasailing, banana boating, sail kayaking, jet ski, and other activities available. Conference spaces, gaming rooms, movie rooms, pool tables, air hockey tables, children’s rooms, playgrounds, and leisure centers can be available in certain buildings. This guide will provide you with the details you need to make an informed decision regarding moving to Myrtle Beach, purchasing a second house, rental property, or investing in real estate. So, be sure to check out Myrtle Beach condos for sale!

Myrtle Beach Condos for Rentals?

If a renter enjoys the resort, they would most likely return next year. If the renter does not like the resort, they will most likely continue their search and reserve somewhere else the following year. As a result, the higher-ranked resorts earn the most money from rentals. These properties are never the cheapest to buy, but they are always the actual beneficiaries in the end. They have always been and will continue to be the greatest return on investments.

These top properties had steadily provided stable profits for their owners, both when the economy was down and even when it started rising. The most crucial thing for most genuine investors is to have a monthly income inspection. There’s a lot more about choosing a condo than the impression of the beach. Many of the apartments have a million-dollar view as you step out onto the balcony. You can also have two separate condos in two different buildings next to each other, and one condo can significantly outperform another.


Costs of Condos in Myrtle Beach

The real estate market has been improving, but the sales of oceanfront property have been exceptionally high. The attraction of the beach and the seas has not faded. Oceanfront land and views of clear oceanside condos in Myrtle Beach continue to see a significant rise in valuation. Don’t be concerned if you think you won’t be able to buy a condo. These units are available at a variety of price points. They will cost anything from $85,000 to $150,000, depending on what you’re searching for and the requirements. A device’s cost can differ based on its location, form of building, condition, and improvements.

When contrasting two condos in the same house, if one has carpet flooring and outdated equipment, and the other has marble countertops, modern TVs, and stainless-steel appliances, the second condo would seem to be more luxurious. If you have a professional real estate agent by your side who can bargain with the seller, you might be able to get the price even reduced.

Myrtle Beach Across the Street Condos

Condos across the street will cost as little as $75,000. These are usually smaller performance units with a single bathroom and a primary kitchen area. Two-bedroom condos across the street range start from $150,000 to $250,000. The price is mainly based on the resort’s facilities, size, coastline, and in-house facilities. There are cheaper options, but they are mostly older structures with more issues like mold and foundation issues.

You can save money on mortgage payments, but you can wind up spending more on maintenance in the long run. Many of the condos across the street have low to no visibility of the beach. However, in some circumstances, you will be able to rent a high enough unit to have a clear view of the ocean.

Myrtle Beach Ocean View Condos

Condos with a sea view are the next “category” in property acquisition. Units with a sea view can be seen on each side of the road, although they are more commonly seen on the beachside. Oceanfront condos have ocean views and a view of the streets on the very same level. Condos with a sea view are ideal if you like the crowd watching and want to wake up to a peaceful ocean view. These start at $90,000 for a one-bedroom apartment, $95,000 for a one-bedroom apartment with a single kitchen, and $160,000 for a two-bedroom apartment.

Prices can vary based on the resort’s facilities, location, region of the Grand Strand, and subsidiary features. By comparing a studio around the street to an oceanside apartment, the cost of a better view of the ocean is approximately $30,000. If you’re looking for a property as a rental investment, this is something to consider. Oceanview condos are the more desirable acquisition and investments. Oceanview condos have a deck, but it isn’t as large as a level 4 beachfront suite.

Oceanview condos have great views of the coastline, but they are not always unobstructed and do not always have a straight, clear view of the coast. For instance, the scenery is determined by the building’s location and the unit’s location inside that building.


Myrtle Beach Angled Beachfront Condos

These level 3 condos are angled beachfront structures with a private terrace. For one bed with a kitchen and a dining area, beachfront angle units cost about $89,000. A two-bedroom oceanfront apartment with an angle will cost anything between $185,000 and $225,000. If you will see, the price gap between level 2 and level 3 two-bedroom apartments is slightly higher, which is something to worry about while purchasing a condo. On the other hand, price levels can differ based on the resort’s facilities, size, oceanfront environment, and in-house facilities.

Aside from the expense, there is a distinction between levels 2 and 3 condos. As compared to level 2 oceanside homes, these condos have a view of the street and more of a beach view. Oceanfront condos with an angle are just as they sound like. The direction of the facing position to the coastline is about 45 degrees. Angle beachfront can have few or no viewpoints of the street, although there are sights of the nearby resort and, most importantly, a stunning view of the sea.

Myrtle Beach Direct Beachfront Condos

The most famous purchase in all of Myrtle Beach residences is a level 4 direct beachfront property with a spectacular location. The sights of the beach are unmatched. Let’s say you believe you won’t be able to afford a condo on the beach. If that’s the case, you might think twice after seeing the average prices for convenient design, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom beachfront condos.

When you rent out your condo, the rental income from a beachfront property is typically far higher than most other kinds of a condo. An open floor apartment with a small kitchen area, one or two beds, and a bathroom, in an efficient layout, will start at around $95,000. At $125,000, a one-bedroom beachfront condo is just $30,000 more expensive, and you’ll get a kitchen, probably a dining and living area, and a private bathroom, all included in a one-bedroom apartment.

Please remember that rental properties like these generate a constant capital gain and start at $120,000. If you’re searching for someone who can help you compensate for your savings, a consistent cash flow may be a factor to be considered. Condos with two bedrooms on the beach launch at $199,000 and go up to $275,000 for two bedrooms. One or two baths, a big kitchen, a dining space, and a splendid balcony are all possible features. This kind of condo would also have spectacular views of the beach to the northern and southern, as well as the sky.

Direct beachfront condos, on the other hand, are more likely to have a wide balcony. You can even see the beach and coastline from your space, which overshadows the pool. Nothing will obstruct your vision of the sea. Prices can vary further, depending on facilities, venue, resort quality, rental background, coastal zone, and resort in-house facilities.



Apart from the financial advantages, owning oceanfront land has many validated health advantages, including anxiety reduction, leisure opportunities that make for a variety of outdoor experiences and encourage exercise, reduced emission levels, and skin benefits from seawater (N.B: if you have allergic reactions, please be aware and consult a doctor).

Let the dream come true. With a beachfront condo, you will enjoy your life with a relaxed feeling watching the beautiful sea waves and sound of the ocean. It’s all here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, waiting for you.

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