Here Are 5 Essential Signs Your Home Needs Roof Replacement

What are the signs your home needs a roof replacement? Noticeably, this may not be easy as your roof may stay for a long time without showing the warning signs. Yes, the roof may look old and worn despite the preventive maintenance on them. If immediate replacement is delayed, it could result in more subtle red flags down the road that can be costly. Even better, you should watch for the tell-tale signs and add the project to your to-do list. Here are five vital signs you need to watch out for.

1. Age

Depending on the material used, averagely, a roof has a lifespan of 20-25 years. However, heavy snowfall and high humidity may lower the life expectancy of the roof. If your roof is over 18 years, it is probably near the red line. Start thinking of the next roof.

It is highly recommended to hire a more competent and cost-effective contractor, in the long run, to have your roof thoroughly inspected. Home Genius Exteriors roofing in Old Bridge offers unmatched roof inspection and roofing services. Professionalism is an ideal way to identify your roofing structure. They will sport aging signs on your roof right away.

2. Roof Leaks

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These are some of the most common warnings that your roof is on its way out. Have a check on any sign of water intrusion, as serious leaks always originate from here. Opting for regular attic checking is the most suitable to discover the roof leak, especially after a rainstorm. Inspecting outside of your roof for ice dams is as well essential. Running water encounters an ice dam that may begin to run under your shingle and consequently makes its way into your home. This is a red flag that it is time for a new installation.

Besides, should the leak be confined to a particular area on your roof, do not hesitate to call a professional such as for an inspection. Bear in mind that hiring roofing professionals tend to be more economical as they offer affordable roof inspection.

3. Mold Growth

The growth of mold and moss causes tiles or shingles to wedge apart. Consequently, this creates gasps for water and material to come through. The accumulation of these growths can cause life deterioration of your roof. The growth can as well have a health effect on air quality for your family. Therefore, punctuality for a suitable solution is essential to avoiding incurring a considerable cost.

Moss or mold growth on ceiling or walls may be a sign of leak roof, condensation problem, and a simple plumbing issue. As a result, ensure your insulation is dry and adequate ventilation is enhanced in your home. Such measures are cost-effective than opting for roof replacement. However, when the condition persists, a new roof is necessary.

4. Deteriorating Shingle

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Curl, buckle, tear or even fall off shingles may be unnoticeable instantly. This is because they are always overlapping. If you notice granules slipping off either in the gutters or the whole shingles, this is a warning of a significant problem. Alternatively, seeing the accumulation of granules in the gutter is usual; an excessive amount of granules should be a prime reason for worry. 

There is no relevant way of quoting the correct amount of granule loss; the best is to check on shingles themselves. Even on a new shingle, it is evident that the loose granules would erode first. Moreover, large patches on your asphalt shingles at the extent where the granules are exposing black weathering to the elements, replacement becomes necessary. A reputable contractor can help you check the potential damage for the replacement.

As roof structure itself, shingles are components with a definite range of lifespan. Depending on the age, the lifespan can change from home to home and climate to climate.

5. Roof Cracks

Roof cracks are often due to wind damages. In some cases, the gaps can be caused by heavy snowfall. The cracks can let in rainfall into your home, which can lead to damaging leaks. Depending on their dispersion, you should opt for the best practical solution. When the cracks are limited to a few shingles, consider replacing them. Either way, when cracks are randomly all over the roof, then the entire roof replacement is necessary.

Alternatively, daylight attic is another sign of a crack on your roof. It is advisable to check your roof and find out if roof replacement is necessary.


Those are the most common indications to determine whether or not your home needs a roof replacement. Even better, it is always best to contact a reliable expert who can address your problem right away.

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