Types of Lighting to Decorate Parks and Gardens


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lighting to Decorate Parks and Gardens

A house is a place of permanent or seasonal residence and provides an excellent opportunity for self-realization. House Lighting in a summer cottage is an effective way to extend the charm of a garden when the sunlight disappears. It is also known as Landscape Lighting. Landscape lighting is the lighting of areas where paths, green spaces, a playground, parking, a barbecue area, and water bodies can be located.

How to create lighting in landscape design?

How to create lighting in landscape design

You can create High-quality lighting by a multi-level system of correctly grouped and directed lighting elements. They will have to simultaneously fulfill both the main functional task of illuminating the area and decorating its space with the glow. Landscape lighting performs not only a functional role but also a decorative role. The luminaire LED / LED fixture representing landscape lighting should focus on the most successful views from the windows, designate private areas, and represent front rooms. Then they are determined with the adequacy of the placement points of the lighting structures and preliminarily figure out how powerful the lamps should be in them.

This will allow determining also:

  • the number and type of landscape lighting fixtures that will need to be acquired;
  • the color scheme of their shades;
  • flow direction.

Highlighting Landscape Details.

Mandatory highlighting is subject to all obstacles in the area, whether they are natural or artificially created. The lighting of reservoirs in landscape design should be arranged.

Types of Landscape Lighting.

Types of Backlights.
Before you begin to deal with a variety of ways to organize lighting in landscape design, you should know about the major types:

  • general;
  • accent.

You can achieve high artistry of the designed area by correctly balancing the lighting.

When creating a lighting design project, you need to highlight the main objects and background elements of the overall picture, identify focal points, and then form smooth transitions between all.

Landscape Lighting Methods.

Landscape Lighting Methods
To make the household empire in the evening hours more attractive than the daylight, you need to properly illuminate it. The development of a lighting project is a combination of certain techniques. This is a combination of multi-level landscape lighting schemes and fixtures. So, on the site should be:

  1. General lighting
  2. Floral Lighting
  3. Architectural lighting
  4. Floodlighting

General lighting.

Its task is to emphasize the layout of the area to show the location of the main facilities, access roads, platforms, arbors, buildings, etc. You can provide Landscape lighting here by lamps such as lanterns, floodlights, decorative supports, pendant lamps, and bollards.

Architectural lighting

“When designing architectural lighting in landscape design, you should consider the shape, proportions, and design of the house, the features of the transition of some architectural forms to others, and the color scheme of the facade decoration.”

This lighting method is designed to emphasize the beauty of the architecture of buildings. It emphasizes on individual fragments of houses, the texture of walls, and original roofs. Lighting structures are installed on the roofs of buildings, walls, or dig into the ground. For greater efficiency, you can try combinations of backlights.

The illumination of the building allows the house to remain attractive in the evening. When designing architectural lighting in landscape design, you should consider the shape, proportions, and design of the house. This will help you to determine the installation points of the fixtures and the angle of their supply of light fluxes. The task is difficult, so it makes sense to resort to the services of professionals. They have knowledge of the latest landscape lighting technologies and practical skills, which will make it possible to realize any fantasies regarding the arrangement of a night garden.

Flora Lighting.

In any landscape, there are green spaces that can be distinguished by a directed stream of light. This is a great way to turn flower beds, rockeries, rock gardens, trees, and bushes into art objects. With skillful landscape lighting, they will sparkle with new colors. The height, power, and type of light will depend on the size and shape of the plant, the texture of their trunks, the light-absorbing capabilities of the leaves, and their seasonal variation.

Try lighting the flower beds in landscape design with fluorescent lamps, trees with mercury, shrubs with Ilyich lamps, and see what a magnificent sight will appear before your eyes. You can illuminate bushes and trees by installing lamps on the ground, somewhere on the trunk or under the crown itself. The second and third option is relevant for single landings. In the condition of park decoration, it is important to make the right choice of objects to illuminate.


The floodlight method is useful to illuminate the entire building. The object is snatched out of the darkness by powerful landscape lighting fixtures:

spotlights mounted on the ground, or nearby buildings, and streetlamps. In their rays, the shape of the object and all the available original details of its decoration are visible. The presence of floodlighting is mandatory in the landscape design of the church, palaces of cultures, and museums. You can use beams of moving lights to give an excellent effect of lights on beautiful buildings.

You can use different backlights for lighting purposes.

Types of Backlights.

Types of Landscape Lighting
Local backlight.

Its rays illuminate only the most expressive sections of the facade decor and emphasize the structural features of the building. This is a great way to highlight balconies, balustrades, cornices, friezes. To ensure the effectiveness of using groups of spotlights giving directional light flow. They are installed directly on the facade of the illuminated object.

Hidden backlight.

A relatively new trend in landscape lighting. The task of the lamps is not to illuminate the walls, but to create a unique light pattern on them. In this case, it will be possible not only to follow the architectural reliefs of the structure but also to create arbitrary decorative compositions.

Pond lights.

Illuminated water bodies will certainly become an accent zone of any empire. If you will follow the right approach for this type of landscape lighting fixtures than the streams, waterfalls, ponds, lakes, pools, and fountains will look like real works of art.

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