Top Tips for Masculine Décor

Creating a stylish and masculine décor can be a challenge. For a start, masculine décor is often viewed as functional and sparse, but the truth is that you can do much more. With the right interior design, accessories and furniture, you can create masculine décor that is highly functional and at the same time, warm and comfortable. 

So, whether you want to decorate a new apartment or renovate your bachelor’s condo, there are several décor ideas that you can explore. From choosing the right set of custom curtains to employing the right color palette in your room, we bring you the top masculine décor ideas you can use when giving your space a lift. Let’s check them out! 

Interior Design Style: Manly All the Way

The first step in achieving a masculine vibe is to choose the right decor style. Make sure that the style suits your needs and personality, so you are assured of functional and welcoming space. For example, you can consider industrial chic, which is a popular masculine design trend. The design is inspired by traditional factories and it leans toward exposed concrete, brick and weathered wood for a complete trendy look. 

You can also settle for a rustic design, which features lots of earthy tones and nature-inspired patterns and textures. 

Mid-century modern is another great idea if you want something more polished and stylish with a timeless look and feel to it. You can also go all out for a contemporary, minimalist style inspired by Nordic decor with its crisp furnishings and lustrous surfaces. 

When choosing a masculine décor, you can also give your space a touch of femininity for a perfect balance. You sure would like to make your female guests feel comfortable and welcome in your space.

Colors: Moody and Neutral 

This is where it gets a bit tricky. Bold and bright colors bring life to any space but if you want to design a masculine space, you have to be careful about colors. Consistency is important. Therefore, consider choosing a color palette as a guide for everything in the home. 

You will find amazing resources online when it comes to colors that best suit masculine home design. The general rule is to stick with neutral palettes, including dusty shades, earthy tones, or different shades of gray especially for wallpapers and furniture, and for your window treatments, blackout curtains are your best friend for masculine decor. You can also consider blues or the classic combo of black and white. 

Overall, the colors should fit between warm neutral, and darker color shades. Leave out the pinks, yellows, or overly delicate shades for a masculine décor.

Furniture: Solid is the Name

Masculine furniture is solid and significant. When you think about it, what comes to mind are sturdy, straight lines, sharp edges, and sometimes oversized. The goal is to achieve a powerful masculine look. Masculine furniture should be sharp, simple, and squared off. 

Of course, you don’t have to stuff the room with large furniture pieces. You may also want to include a more streamlined statement piece while maintaining a masculine effect. When it comes to furniture materials, leather is often the most recommended. 

For a start, it never goes out of style and the material has masculinity written all over it. So, whether you choose an armchair, loveseat, or sofa, leather furniture will look perfect in a masculine space. To its advantage, leather is durable and very easy to clean.

Residence style image 1 (2)

Pattern and Textures: Geometric Patterns and Mixed Textures Work Right

Patterns are great for any space, and geometric patterns fit masculine ambiance perfectly. While maintaining simple furniture and walls is ideal, you can add patterns to disrupt the visual monotony. You don’t have to go the long haul with geometric patterns. You can add a patterned rug, wallpaper, or custom roman shades in masculine patterns such as stripes and plaids.  

When it comes to materials, texture mixed with other materials is not a bad idea. You can consider mixing stone, glass, unfinished wood, exposed brick, and concrete to achieve a masculine space that exudes confidence and style. 

However, don’t overdo with exposed brick, so you don’t end up with an unfinished-and-rough-looking room. Also, having too much glass will require high maintenance.

Accessories: Cool Masculine is the Name of the Game

Now that you have taken care of the basics, the next focus is the accessories. Accessories add warmth, interest, and comfort to any space. Some options you can add to your masculine décor include a vintage bookshelf, antique garden tools, or old machine parts. 

While you have the freedom to choose any accessories of your choice, make sure you don’t overdo it. The focus on a masculine décor is on the large design elements, such as large art installations and furniture.

Wall Art: A Worthwhile Investment

Wall art can add texture and color to a masculine space, making the space look classy and lavish. For a man’s room, think of large tapestries, metallic or wooden installations, abstract art prints, painted landscapes, tasteful nude artworks, black and white retro photographs, and nature prints. Posters or art prints are more accessible and affordable. You will find tons of them across different online stores. Order and frame them, and you will be amazed at how they transform your space. 


There you have our top tips to help with your masculine décor. Whether you want to upgrade your existing bachelor’s condo or decorate your newly acquired space, the tips highlighted in this post will guide you in creating a comfortable and welcoming masculine décor.

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