Top Tips for Choosing a Great Plumber in North Shore

A good plumber is a resource for life if you can find one. Finding the right plumber for your business or your home is an important decision. You want someone who is reliable, prompt, who charges the right amount and provides timely guidance.

Can you imagine a well-functioning house without plumbing? If you have scratched your head to look for a reliable ‘North Shore Plumber’, then these tips will come in handy.



Every state in the US including Illinois requires plumbers to have appropriate licensing. So the first thing you must do when looking for a plumber’s credentials is investigate their licensing.


A plumber or plumbing service provider’s website will give you all the information you need before you decide to freeze the job. Be sure to check out the full range of services they provide, their portfolio, their locations and operation hours. Make sure there are pictures/case studies of various types of installations and plumbing tasks .


There is no substitute for experience. A business that has been around for many years brings its own share of expertise and advantage. The number of years add up to efficiency and skill. So when looking for a North Shore Plumber, be sure to verify you get an experienced one.


Most plumbers have adequate coverage to cover any emergencies, mistakes or injuries. Many plumbing companies are also bonded. Insurance protects both the customer and the plumber, so this is another factor you should weigh in.


Almost everyone works with a budget, whether it is a homeowner or a business owner. The best plumber is often the one that provides you the desired level of service within your budget. Never confirm a plumbing order without taking estimates from others in the area. Also, make sure there are no hidden costs once you fix up a rate.


Make sure you read online reviews. Google reviews and ratings are a good measure of the company’s trustworthiness. So is Yelp. Don’t just skim through but read customer feedback as that will give you a fair idea of the plumber’s reliability.

Most reviewers will feedback on whether the plumber worked within their budget, did the tasks promptly and cleaned up well after their job. These are important factors to consider when you fix the job.One can get a lot of insight into the work ethic and efficiency from online reviews and ratings alone.

Ask questions

The more questions you ask, the more insight you will gain about the specifics of the task. This will eliminate surprises at a later stage. Ask them about their experience, their licenses and insurance so you can determine if they are the best fit for the job.
Ask questions

Operational hours

This is very important because most plumbing emergencies occur at the most inconvenient hour. During the holiday season when you are expecting guests or over the weekend.

It is good to have a plumber who offers 24-hour plumbing and sewer emergency repair service. This includes weekends and holidays.


If you are working with a plumber for the first time, don’t forget to get the details in writing. A good working relationship is always based on paperwork and agreements so that neither party feels let down.

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