Top Tips for Caring for Your Mattress

Keeping your mattress in tip-top condition is vital for maintaining a healthy sleeping routine. We spend on average 8 hours a night sleeping adding up to a whopping third of our life—25 years if you live to be 75 years old! With this in mind, it is crucial that the surface we sleep on offers maximum comfort, and a big part of this is the mattress. From picking the right brand to regular cleaning and maintenance, here are the top tips for mattress care, to help you doze away in rest and relaxation.

Pick the Right Mattress

Pick the Right Mattress

On average, experts recommend changing your mattress every ten years. When deciding on your new one, there are many factors to consider. Mattresses will come in different levels of firmness, and also offer specialties such as orthopedic or extra support options. Take the time to do your research, and if possible, test out a few brands and firmness levels.

Protecting the Mattress

A mattress protector is always a useful investment to add another layer of protection to the mattress and can also increase comfort. This is especially important if you have pets of children. It is much easier—and cheaper— to throw a mattress protector in the laundry than to replace the mattress!

Vacuum Your Mattress

Vacuum Your Mattress

It may sound odd, but one of the best ways you can provide longevity for your mattress is through regular vacuuming. When we sleep, we shed skin cells, and these can breed and fester in a bed. The warm environment is ideal for all kinds of unwanted guests to get comfortable, and this can lead to an infestation.

Vacuuming your mattress may seem a chore, but it is far easier than having to call on the services of a professional, such as the Beach Bed Bug Exterminator NYC – Treatment & Dog Inspection Team with all their bells, whistles, and methods to extract bed bugs!

Turn Your Mattress

Turn Your Mattress

This advice is often ignored, but it can be hugely important in maintaining the lifespan and comfort of your mattress. Regular turning not only helps the surface to wear evenly, helping it to last longer, it also ensures that each side is given a chance to breathe and get some fresh air. This act is especially important if you share your bed. The uneven distribution of weight can lead to the mattress sagging and an earlier need for replacement.

Allow Time to Air

Making your bed is a great way to start your morning routine, and can help to set you up for the day. It is also an excellent opportunity to allow your bed to air, and the body moisture created overnight to evaporate, leaving the surface fresh and clean.

Just throw back the duvet cover and pillows when you get up, and you will reduce the risk of the mattress becoming damp, which can lead to condensation and even mold. This simple task will not only help your mattress to last longer, but it will also help the whole room feel more fresh and inviting.

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