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Top Reasons Of Why You Should Make Use LED Pool Lights

Top Reasons Of Why You Should Make Use LED Pool Lights

Installing new pool lighting can become a frustration venture if you take into consideration that you must drain the pool first and find the appropriate lighting that can give you the ambient and well-lit area that you’re envisioning in your mind.

In the past, most swimming pools were equipped with the traditional incandescent bulbs, but since LED lighting made its appearance on the market, a whole new world of possibilities opened when choosing pool lighting.

Advantages Of LED Pool Lighting You Should Consider:

1. Quick and Easy Installation

LED lights are easily installed or replaced, and the level of difficulty with installing LED lighting is very low. They fit comfortably, can be replaced effortlessly and for underwater application, it’s not necessary to drain out the pool water.

2. Energy efficient

Incandescent bulbs run from 300-500 watts whereas the LED bulbs us as little as 42 watts (depending on the brand) which means they use less energy, making them cost-effective in the long run.

3. Last Longer

They last much longer than any of the other lighting options:

  • 50 Times longer – than incandescent bulbs
  • 9 Times longer – than CFL bulbs.
  • 23 Times longer – than Halogen bulbs.

4. Variety of Colours

When you buy led pool lights, you have the additional option of choosing multiple colours and a selection of changing light patterns. By using colour, you can accentuate your swimming pool and the surrounding area into a technicolour wonder world that comes alive at night. You have the option of fixing each light on a single colour, or you can set whichever mood you prefer whether it is disco or dance party, with the pre-set colour changing patterns.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Traditional incandescent light wastes 90 percent of the energy they use, as they need heat to light the filament, whereas LED’s operate with electrons moving through the semiconductor material which results in almost no heat required. Nowadays everyone is trying to save energy and going green. One of the simplest ways of doing so is to switch over to LED lighting. Pool lights use up plenty of energy, and by switching over, you can make a valuable difference in your approach when thinking about preserving natural resources.

Environmentally Friendly

6. Improved Visibility

Often homeowners are under the misconception that LED lights will not provide enough illumination. On the contrary, they are much brighter than traditional light bulbs, making your pool area a safe and welcoming environment.

7. Durability

LED lights make use of powerful diodes that are not flimsy like the filaments found in glass vacuums. They are sturdy and durable and manufactured to last long-term.


So, there you have it. Making use of LED lighting can save you money, provide adequate illumination around your pool area, allow you to consider the environment and provide you with colour options that you won’t enjoy while using incandescent lights.

Now you don’t have to limit your swim sessions for daytime. You can enjoy night swimming in a well-lit, safe and ambient setting.

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