Top Flooring Options for Natural Interior Design Styles



Styling your home around a natural theme can give you a surprising range to choose from. Unlike some other interior design styles that are more restrictive, natural styles are more open to interpretation and personal preference. They are also much more flexible when it comes to mixing and matching other themes since nature is so varied and has different connotations for different people. If you are in the process of designing a space with a focus on natural interiors, take a look at these top flooring options that best complement your intended style.


Varnished wooden board

It is difficult to think of an interior design style where hardwood flooring wouldn’t look good. There are so many ways to add unique touches to the wood when choosing it. For example, a maximalist interior designer might choose to stain or paint the wood in a deep and vibrant tone to correspond with the eclectic decor. However, hardwood becomes the star of the show in more natural interiors since the organic patterns and shapes enhance the already nature-inspired look.

Natural Tiles


Although hardwood rarely looks out of place, it isn’t the only option for natural interiors. This type of flooring requires an experienced installer and a little maintenance. Natural stone tiles, however, are highly sturdy and often age beautifully. Take a look at to explore a full range of natural tiles. Stone in a less refined state can help to accentuate the rest of the nature-inspired decor. Depending on the shape and size of the tiles, this flooring choice can add subtle depth to a space.



It may not be a raw material like wood or stone, but concrete can give a surprisingly natural look to a room that has been decorated to bring about the impression of the great outdoors. Its smooth texture could be made to appear overly manufactured if a more brutalist or industrial look is what you want, but concrete leaves a hint of its previous liquid state when poured, allowing visual interest and organic shapes to occur without compromising a level floor.



For those who admire the hardwood look but are on a tighter budget, laminate flooring is a great alternative. The neutral tones are a perfect foundation upon which to design a natural and airy space. It is also much easier to maintain since there are no naturally occurring gaps, knots, or cracks where dust and other dirt can hide. Look for designs where the surface pattern of the wood effect doesn’t repeat too frequently, as this can undermine the natural intention of the space.



For a warmer and softer option, a carpet in a neutral textile can also elevate your nature-inspired interior. Bright, intense tones should be avoided, as should anything that distracts from the rest of the room. Focus on finding a quality textile for your carpet so that you enjoy walking on it, but bear in mind that it will need more regular deep cleaning to prevent a build-up of unsightly stains.

By paying attention to the organic shapes, textures, and tones of your flooring, you can create a wonderful, natural interior space.

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