Top 5 Tips to Clean Undesirable Stains From a Carpet


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clean undesirable stains from a carpet

How good it feels right after cleaning up all the mess in our house right? Everything smells great, feels fresh, looks tidy but it is just a matter of time before everything starts getting dirty.

Despite the number of varieties in the market for flooring products carpet still remains the popular choice.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “Carpet industry in the US accumulates 51 percent of the total flooring market.

A major reason why people still love carpet is, apart from its warmth and soft texture it requires less maintenance and is cheaper than other flooring products.

When coming to its upkeep or maintenance it all requires vacuuming here and there and occasional deep- cleaning that’s it to make it look extravaganza fresh and new carpet.

But despite keeping it clean and fresh, at some point carpet becomes a victim of undesirables stains like:

  • Spills
  • Splashes
  • Messy accidents
  • Chewing gums
  • Debris
  • Footprints

So to deal with these issues, below are the top 5 tips to clean undesirable stains from a carpet.

clean undesirable stains from a carpet1

Top 5 tips to clean undesirable stains from a carpet

1) Don’t rub, blot stains

Often people when seeing a stain or spill they urge to rub the stain, well they don’t realize that rubbing these stains will not eliminate the stain in fact it will spread over to nearby parts of the carpet.

This urge of rubbing turns out to make that small stain into a wide ugly stain and prematurely breakdown down the fibers.

The best way is to touch the surface of the stain with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, tissue, or sponge.

It will soak up the stain or the residue, the proper way to do is to blot from the outer edge of the stain towards the inner edge or the center of the stain.

2) Candy crushed in the carpet

Handling kids is a tough task, sooner or later, most carpets end up with candy stuck in them.

The best way to remove it is – first try to scrape it out with the help of a knife or a paper cutter, then soak the particular spot of the carpet with mild soap and water mixture.

Because if anyone leaves the spot unattended after removing the candy the spot will get more easily exposed towards debris, dirt than the surrounding areas and certainly cause a dull texture.

3) Try shaving cream

To remove stains one of the best carpet cleaners is shaving cream, anyone can use it to remove his/her carpet’s general stains.

How to apply it?

The best way is to spray it directly onto the stain and then leave it for the next 30 minutes to settle in it.

Right after 30 minutes when you see the shaving cream has settled into it properly just blot it with a dry white cloth, and then spray the spot with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

clean undesirable stains from a carpet2

4) Heat hardened wax

Some people like using candles in their house, but unfortunately at some point those candles drip onto the carpet, as a result, it hardens and sits deeper down into the fibers.

These wax spots are sticky and look ugly, thus removing them is necessary.

How to remove them?

The best way is to heat those wax spots into a liquid state by keeping a towel on top of the spot and iron it with a “no-steam” setting.

Later on, scrape the softened wax with a knife or paper cutter.

5) Utilize carpet cleaning company services

Apart from routine clean up or vacuuming of carpet, a carpet needs a complete body wash, especially when it looks damp, dead, or dull in color.

Not to forget an ugly and staining carpet attracts more germs and can lead people to several allergies like asthma attacks, eye allergies, and dust allergies.

Hence keeping the carpet of a house clean is not only essential for styling statement but also for avoiding carpet allergies.

Utilizing a carpet cleaning company service is important as they will make the carpet look new, extend a carpet’s life and nevertheless make it allergy-free.

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