Top 5 Things Home Buyers Look for in a New House

Buying a new home carries with it a long list of options and decisions to be made, and each one of them is important. Becoming a homeowner is a huge responsibility, regardless of whether it is for the first time or for the twentieth. Each new house or apartment presents a unique set of questions that must be answered, before and after purchasing.

As the value of real estate is also on the increase, the decision of which property to move into is a one of financing too. Simply put, the cost of buying a new home is an expensive one, so you need to get it right the first time as there is little room for error.

Despite the many variable facets that will go into your decision-making process, there are still a number of aspects that you can ponder over for every potential new home that you are viewing. To help out, here are the top five things home buyers should look for in a new house.

1. Curb Appeal

At its core, curb appeal is the attractiveness of the house when viewed from outside (or, from the curb of the sidewalk.) The theory is that the more attractive that a house and garden looks to passers-by, the more curb appeal it will have. After all, no one would want to live in a house that is not particularly aesthetic pleasing nor is a blight on the neighborhood. If you are viewing properties with a high curb appeal then it stands to reason that the indoors will also be well-maintained. Taking care of a home and garden requires effort, and face value is important in showing the attitudes of the previous occupant on the house.

If you are looking for a project or a house that you intend to renovate and make your own (otherwise known as a fixer-upper), then the curb appeal is not quite as important. If anything, a lower curb appeal in these instances will show you the potential for how much work needs to be done on the property to get it looking great again, possibly to then sell on as a real estate venture. But ultimately a house will a good curb appeal is a house that will have been well looked after before you move in, and is usually a popular deal breaker for house buyers.

2. Air Quality

Particularly for houses in warmer climates, the indoor air quality is a big factor in the decision-making process of the new house. Humid air is a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes that give way to mold, damp and paint damage, and can have even more serious respiritory health implications if left unchecked. Therefore, air conditioning is an indispensable asset to your home and so it will only help to ensure that the new house’s air-con and ventilation is of a good standard.

That doesn’t mean that you should turn down a good offer on a house if the air quality needs to be improved. There are a plethora of air conditioning units and repair facilities from Air Solutions that can be installed so that you can get the air quality back up to a good standard. These appliances can either cool the warm indoor air, keeping it less than the dangerous 60% humidity factor, or warm the air and keeping it dry so that humidity levels are not a factor.

3. Decor


Often, the homes aesthetics and decor can cause prospective buyers to reconsider their options. But don’t be put off by the faded decor left by the previous occupants, there is plenty of room to leave your own stamp or add to what is already there. Decor changes over time, and what was fashionable may not be today. It isn’t the end of the world if you are viewing a property that has everything you need, but needs a lick of paint and a change of carpets.

It is simple to spruce up the kitchen with plants and wall art, (and Purdy Kitchen have got a few practical ideas on how you can do just that). Wall art and house plants are not particularly expensive either and yet they do a great job of refreshing a room, even if it is a temporary measure until you bring in some new decor. Replacing carpets with laminate floor, replacing blinds with colorful netting or drapes and re-adjusting the placement of bigger appliances are all ideas to get you on the way to make the home your own, and are all simple and relatively cost-effective to pull off. When viewing, don’t look at the decor of the house as it is before you buy it. Instead, envision your own style inhabiting every room.

4. Size

There may only be two of you opting to move into a new property together, but that may not be the case forever. If you are a new couple looking to start a family, then it would make sense to look at properties that have more bedrooms than you need for when the time comes to extend your numbers. Until there are more than the two of you, then a house with a second or third bedroom doesn’t have to be used for that purpose right away. You can turn the excess space into an office, a craft room, a walk-in wardrobe or leave it as a bedroom but for guests. Taking the size of the property into account is useful for future-proofing your decision-making, so that the house you buy is one you can live in for years to come.

5. Cost

Obviously the biggest factor in your house-buying decisions is going to be the price. If you’re looking at properties that are well outside of your price range then there is going to be little room for negotiation, and you will be disappointed. On the flip-side, however, there is the option to go for the cheapest property that has the basics and the size that is ideal for you. The money that you save on the cost of purchasing can be spent on renovating instead. Fixer-uppers normally go at a good price for that purpose, and if you then choose to sell the property and move on, the new value of the property may even earn you a tidy profit!

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