Top 5 Places to Live in Spain

Are you planning to live in Spain? This country has many monuments and cultures. It is surrounded by sea and mountains.  It is a perfect place to live. But first of all, it’s important that you know the non lucrative visa Spain requirements, because the deadline for processing the application is three months. Once you have everything ready, it’s time to pack your bags and catch a plane to Spain!


Located in the province of Alicante, Altea is the perfect place to enjoy mountain landscape and enjoy the sea breeze on hot summer nights. This is the perfect place to discover the authentic taste of the Mediterranean Sea. The streets of Altea descend towards a clear objective: the sea. This fantastic town is one of the favorites for retired people.  

Some of the most visited monuments include the Tower “de la Galera” or the Church “Carmelitas Descalzas”. Moreover, its geographical location is perfect. You will be able to reach cities such as Benidorm, the place of skyscrapers, or Alicante in a short time.

One of the wonders that will make you choose Altea is the food. You will discover an authentic paella accompanied by sangria while you watch the waves crash against the shore.


In the north of Spain is one of the greenest places in the country: Galicia. A land of pilgrims, Santiago de Compostela awaits you for a life full of good food and culture.

Santiago de Compostela has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. It stands out for being one of the three great centers of Christian pilgrimage, along with Jerusalem and Rome.

The most typical dish in this area is octopus. You can try it in many different ways, each one more delicious than the next.

If you decide to live here, you should not forget to stop by the most beautiful places of Galicia. You will enjoy the beach and mountains in their wildest state. It is an environment with a lot of magic and mystery.


Located in the municipality of Castellón de Ampurias (Gerona), Ampuriabrava it is considered the Spanish Venice due to its 24 km of navigable canals.

It is located in the heart of the Gulf of Roses, surrounded by the natural park of the Empordà Marshes, and is considered the most important residential marina in Europe.

Thanks to its location and climate, it is an incredible place to practice sports such as skydiving and water sports.  

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The south of Spain has been the setting for many films and TV series. Sevilla, the capital of flamenco, is home to monuments and places that will make you feel like you’re in a film.

Southern Spain is characterized by its climate and customs. One of the most important events in the city is the Feria de Abril. If you live in this city you will fall in love with the illuminated Sevilla and the special colour of the flamenco dresses.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in the capital of flamenco are the Cathedral, the Giralda and the Real Alcázar, which was the setting for the legendary series Game of Thrones.


Every good book begins with a good sentence. Castilla La Mancha has been the setting for one of the most important books in the history of literature: Don Quixote de la Mancha. 

This Autonomous Region has several of the most emblematic places in the country. You can visit Campo de Criptana, the scene of the fight between Don Quixote and the giants. You can also go to Teruel and feel a medieval breeze.

Any city or town is a great place to live. It has one of the best climates in Spain. Neither cold nor hot. Besides, once you try Manchego cheese, you will never eat any other type of cheese ever again.

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