Top 5 Garden Trends to Consider This 2022


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Are you planning to remodel your garden this 2022 to update it to the new trend this year? You came into the right place to talk about the most popular garden trends this 2022.

There will be a time that we get bored with how our garden looks. An updated garden will increase your house’s monetary and aesthetic value. It is why many homeowners, specifically in Newcastle have started to remodel their gardens as the new year started. 

You should also start planning your own garden renovation and stay on-trend. Therefore we should start going through the new garden trend this year one by one to help you get started on your garden remodeling project. 

Low-Maintenance Garden

The first garden trend of 2022 is the low-maintenance garden, also known as the lazy garden or gravel garden. Its popularity increases overtime to conserve water save money, time, and energy with this new garden trend. 

You will never have to install sprinklers or water your ground every day because you have a gravel garden bed instead of grass. 

Moreover, using gravel for your garden ground, weeds will not easily grow, which means you will never have to weed out your garden all the time. As a result, your plants will grow healthier without any weed around that compete with them. 

If you plan to opt for a low-maintenance, you should start looking for the best supplier of gravel in Newcastle. You will never regret adopting this trend this year because you will be amazed at how it can look good without you working so hard. 

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Adding Tropical Plants

There is something about tropical plants that makes your garden more relaxing. It has become a trend this year because many people are stressed and want to have a home that can help calm down and distress. 

Additionally, people nowadays tend to opt for a staycation than traveling. It is because of the fear of the COVID-19 plus the inconveniences of travel restrictions. Instead of traveling to tropical destinations, why not bring the tropics to your home by adding tropical plants to your garden. 

To start your transition smoothly, even if you are not familiar with this type of plant, working on caladiums, Cannas, Rose of Sharon, and strelitzia can be a good start. It is also the safest plant choice you can have as a beginner.

Herbs and Vegetable Garden

Your garden can also grow vegetables and herbs that you can use in cooking. You should start creating a vegetable patch in your garden and make the most out of this space. 

By doing this trend, you will not only have a beautiful and trendy garden, but you will also have fresh herbs and vegetables every day that you and your family will enjoy. 

There are so many ways you can start your vegetable garden. You can create a separate section of your garden allocated to herbs and vegetables only. This way, your garden will be organized and looks pleasing to the eyes. 

Remember, not because you choose to plant herbs and vegetables in your garden means that you will stop making it look good. It is still a garden, but you only add a little bit of a twist. 

Vertical Garden

This next trend is best for properties with small garden space. If you could not have a full-sized garden at home, why not follow this trend and have a vertical garden instead. 

Many people have been planting pots to create a mini garden in limited spaces. However, it still does not give out the vibe, and aesthetic a garden provides. 

Vertical garden was created. It gives people the atmosphere of a real garden without needing a huge space. You grow various plants, flowers, and even vegetables in a vertical garden. The plants planted on a vertical garden are held by a panel that is suspended vertically. 

Another thing that makes this trend popular is that it is easier to maintain compared to potted plants and a full-size garden. However, you must know that the vertical garden is not only for small spaces. You can also add a vertical garden to your garden and make your walls look fantastic in green. 

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Naturalistic Planting 

When it comes to planting and landscaping, you should opt for a naturalistic approach. You might have noticed gardens in your neighborhood where plants are not planted in an organized way. A mix of grasses and perennials grows everywhere in small or big groups. 

It is the approach known to be naturalistic planting, where you do not plant in monocultural blocks. Instead, you are letting the plants grow freely everywhere in your garden. As a result, your plants will look like wild plants that grow in your garden. 

Start Updating Your Garden

Now that you already know the hot garden trends this year, it is now starting to create a plan and choose which trends you will incorporate into your garden. Remember, the trend you will choose should give you the best comfort your garden could ever provide. 

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