Is Now the Time to Invest In A Golf Community?


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There was a time when golf community real estate had stagnant demand. Due to this lack of demand, the surrounding golf courses were neglected and fell into disrepair.

Over the last few years, many golf courses were closed because of this reason. The demand for houses and other real estate sectors decreased as they were located in far-flung acres of land. They became undesirable and run down. However, those days are long behind us.

The demand for houses in the golf community has soared over the last two years. As this trend is here to stay for a while, this is a great time to invest in real estate in the golf community.

Exodus From the City

In the past, the majority of people preferred living in or near the cities. This was mainly dependent on two facts: jobs and amenities. Most corporate regions were in the metropolis. Similarly, you would get the best products and services within the city limits.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people got stuck inside their homes for weeks. Many offices started carrying out their operations remotely. As more people started working from home, they became frustrated with the lack of space in city houses. They desired more space and fresh air, that is why many people moved away to the countryside. Working remotely meant they could work from anywhere, as long as they have internet access.

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Why Are Golfing Community Real Estate in Demand Right Now?

People these days are quite health-conscious. Everyone wants to live a healthy and active life. Many people visit the gym regularly, just to stay on top of their health game.

However, due to the persistent Covid-19 pandemic, gyms and other fitness clubs have closed down. People are forced to maintain social distancing and has limited access to open-air, public places. This is driving people to find alternate solutions for these problems.

Golfing requires a lot of empty and open space, which means you can play the sport without coming in close contact with other people. So there are opportunities to have access to acres of free land where you can enjoy the sport without risking your wellbeing. Having a compact and convenient solution, such as a small golf bag for par 3, can make your golfing experience even more enjoyable and hassle-free.
That is why many people are interested to buy golf course houses these days. Moving to places like Franklin TN, where there are many great golf communities, is trendy and desirable.

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Are Golf Community Properties Right For You?

The main factor behind choosing the location would be to see yourself living there. People who take golfing vacations and travel to nice courses in far-off places like Ireland or somewhere close to Franklin, Tennessee, might want to move to a golfing community. If you buy a house on impulse, then realizing you hate living there will be a miserable matter. So, before you settle on a location, figure out whether you will be happy and satisfied living there.

You need to remember that most golfing communities are situated in remote places, as it takes acres of land to make a golf course.

If you don’t like living in places that are difficult to reach and far away from everyday products, you will not like living in a golf community. However, if you do like remote locations, you can choose to buy or even retire to a golf community.

What Prices Can You Expect?

The golf community houses are not like the regular properties. If you are looking for a decent property, it can be an expensive one. The more amenities the house has, the more costly it might be.

The prices of a good golf community house can range from $500,000 to a couple of million dollars, depending on where you are buying your home. For example, if you buy a golf community real estate in Franklin TN, it might cost you anything from $700,000 to over a million.

Yes, you can find cheaper golf course properties, but they are bound to be around poorly maintained golf courses. And, what is the point of buying property near a golf course that might shut down?

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Is It a Good Investment?

What makes golf course real estate a good investment is the possibility of a rising value in the future. This is why quality is crucial when choosing a good one.

If you buy real estate around a thriving golf course, the prices will only go up. So, when you will decide to sell it, you can do so at a higher price than your purchase price.

If you buy a house near a run-down golf course and the venue shuts down, the price of the house can go down by 25 percent or more. So, to ensure you are making a good investment, you will want to buy a house in a high-quality golf community.

If you select an area, look at every option available there. Most golfing regions have more than two golf courses. Franklin TN holds the number 3 position in’s list of best places to live and has around 30 golf courses near it.

How to Choose the Right Property for You?

The first factor to affect the selection of your property should be the quality of the golf course. Buy a house in a community where the golf course is well maintained, and their service is of high quality.

The house itself would be a factor. What is the quality of the property and what perks do possess? Does it come with a luxurious garden?

The next thing to look at is the surrounding amenities. Since you will be living at a remote location, the place itself should provide good amenities as the nearest city might be hours away.

So, amenities will play a huge role. For example, are there any good schools or hospitals around? If you feel like shopping, is the shopping mall nearby? Whether there are enough fun and exciting activities to keep the children happy and occupied? Weigh all the benefits and drawbacks of living in that community before choosing to invest in a property there.

Final Thought

Golf community real estate can be a great investment if you choose wisely. Look for quality over anything else, as that will grow in value in the future. Only buy a property once you are sure that you and your family will be happy there.

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