Top 16 Modern Curtain Design Trends for 2018


Window coverings are important parts of a room’s decor. Although some people may not pay attention to these types of details, it is essential to realize that curtains, drapes, and shades play major roles in a room’s appearance. Here are the top 16 modern curtain trends for 2018.

1. A Comeback of Color

A Comeback of Color
Many people are scared to hang bright draperies, but this year’s trends are going beyond white, gray, and tan. If you are afraid to go bold, you may wish to start slow and to trim your curtains with a pop of color. For a more subtle effect, use a set of colorful sheer drapes on your window. It will give the appearance of color without being overly saturated.

2. Roller Shades

Roller Shades
A window covering should look good and be functional. Within the last few years, roller shades have made a nice comeback. Updated designs provide clean appearances and top function. The design adds texture to a window as well. The latest versions combine sheer and solid pieces that overlap and deliver privacy to your home. Also, the design allows the perfect level of natural light to enter a room.

3. Start at the Ceiling

Start at the Ceiling
Many people hang rods and panels too low. In 2018, designers proved that hanging drapes high to the ceiling makes a room look larger. For this reason, ceiling-mounted track rods have become popular. They offer a sense of drama and height. If you have little space above a door or window, this type of hanging system is a perfect option. When selecting a rod, consider the heaviness of the curtain fabric. Metal rods will better support thicker materials and may come with cords that help you to open and close the drapery. This is especially helpful with tall windows.

4. Rich Jewel Tones

Rich Jewel Tones
Fabrics that have the colors of rich jewels add a luxurious feeling to a room. In 2018, deep red is especially popular. To enhance the regal appearance, many individuals are combining colors with soft metallic elements.

5. Personalized Features

This year, more and more people are adding personalized elements to rooms. This can take the form of customized window treatments. Before heading to the craft store, you can purchase a regular pair of curtains. Then, select elements that can be added to trim the treatments. Things like glass beads, shells, and buttons are just a few items that can be sewn along the edges of ordinary curtains. They add whimsy and a unique touch to a space.

6. Bringing Nature Indoors

Bringing Nature Indoors
The trends of 2018 are seeing the use of natural materials inside of the home. As there is an increased awareness of the environment, organic fabrics are being used to create interesting and eco-friendly window coverings. Bamboo is a popular material that is used for blinds. To soften the look, you can layer sheer panels on top. The end results are quite sophisticated.

7. Layer Shades for a Darkening Effect

Layer Shades for a Darkening Effect
Bedrooms commonly have blackout curtains so that sunlight does not interrupt a person’s sleep. However, some of these draperies are heavy and detract from the decor. A new trend is layering shades. A room-darkening blind may be hung beneath a sheer curtain or lighter blind.

8. Metallic Elements

Metallic Elements
Metals are everywhere. The metals that are commonly used in jewelry, including silver, bronze, and gold, are influencing fashion and home decor for 2018. Numerous curtain options are available in these metallic colors. Besides the fabric, these window treatments are hung from metal rods.

9. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns
Instead of using curtains that have solid colors, trends for 2018 are more creative. Modern decor is flaunting geometric patterns that offer dramatic focal points to rooms. One of the most popular patterns of the year is the chevron design. This pattern elongates a room with low ceilings.

10. “Steel” the Deal

Steel the Deal
Stainless steel is popular for kitchen appliances. However, it is moving into other rooms of the house. In 2018, it is being incorporated into window treatments. The shine of steel catches the eye, so only a small touch will be needed to make a big impression. Simply use a steel curtain rod and slide it through plain panels for an elegant look.

11. Introduce the “New Neutrals”

Introduce the New Neutrals
Contemporary decor has clean lines and neutral colors. However, 2018 has defined the “new neutrals.” Tan, black, and white are being faded out. Today, charcoal and slate are two subdued hues that are being used for window treatments. They are a bit darker than conventional neutrals, but they will add a beautiful elegance to the curtains of any room.

12. Tropical Valances

A trend for 2018 is creating an island vibe within a room. Hanging an island-style valance is a simple way to dress a window. The fabric does not need to have a beach pattern. A plain color with a scalloped edge is enough to bring the feeling of a cabana into your home.

13. Old-Fashioned Shutters

Old-Fashioned Shutters
Shutters are traditionally placed outside of the home. However, one of the newest trends is bringing them inside. It is a quint way to dress the windows, especially in the bedroom or the kitchen.

14. Use Wallpaper

To add interest to a room, wallpaper is traditionally hung on the walls. However, many people hate the messy hanging process. Removing it can be difficult as well. If you find a pattern that you like, designers are using it as a cover for ordinary shades. It is certainly one of the most unique and modern curtain trends of 2018.

15. Linen

Linen is one of the most popular curtain fabrics for 2018. It is durable and lightweight. During the warm months, this material absorbs heat, which keeps a room cool. Also, it blocks some sunlight and adds texture to a space.

16. Animal Prints

Animal Prints
Although some people may find that animal prints are gaudy and wild, current trends are seeing more muted forms of these designs. For example, traditional black and white zebra prints are being replaced by blue tones with white. This softens the look but maintains a modern and contemporary feel.

The above curtain trends are hot for 2018. If you are looking for a quick way to transform a room, you may wish to try one of them. It is an easy way to add some modern flair and to update your home.

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