Top 10 TV Stand Ideas for The living room

Multifunctional TV stands

It is a highly flexible TV stand idea. The stand is available as mobile table permitting the end-user to let you watch television from virtually any corner of the living room.


It enables multitasking and fits the lifestyle of a very busy person.

You will not have to leave the task you are doing before you can watch the TV.


This TV stand is not flexible in all cases.

It is also not easy to set up.

The TV stand can only withstand the stress if it is adequately rugged.

Use of Antologia bookshelf

This TV stand shelf with soundbar idea enables the end-user to create a gallery for the TV, plus an adequate space for your sound bars too. Aside from creating a very interesting pattern all around the TV, this idea can also provide adequate space for all the external devices you may want to connect.


It is reliable for saving space in the living room.

It will equally make the living room look attractive and aesthetic.


It is not easy to set up at all and it is a time-consuming idea.

You must get every piece right before it can have the desired effect on the living room.

Corner TV stand

This design is futuristic, which is one of the many features that make it outstanding. It equally features a backlit TV stand for a more radiant living room.


The wall has a contrasting color to the black color of the TV to make the interior look exciting, especially when the TV is off.

It will make the living room look stylish.


Moving the TV around on its support will be impossible. So, the TV will have to face only one direction.

Armani black crocodile pattern TV stand

It features a beautiful cabinet that makes the living room look exciting and cool at the same time. The cabinet features a glossy lacquer that will contribute a great deal to the interior décor of the home.

No need to break the bank! You should be able to get a top-notch cheap tv stand under 200 dollars too.


You can use it to create a great feeling in the room.

If you like, you can convert the TV stand to a cabinet or media console.

It can even serve as a bar for your small home.


It is somewhat heavy and requires a lot of time for installation.

Modrest Crest TV stand

You can trust this TV stand idea to make the living room look futuristic. It features a curvy glossy shape that will add some softness and homeliness to the living room.

Stand 1


If you are one for tech stuff, this choice of a TV stand is the best for you since it has the appearance of something from a science-fiction spaceship.

It has adequate space to contain external devices for the TV.


The TV stand can only accommodate a few movie collections.

Modrest Barbara contemporary TV stand

This TV stand idea offers a special edge to the living room interior design. It looks simple and gorgeous at the same time. The TV stand features a drawer that can serve as storage.


It is a glamorous-looking piece of furniture and will make the living room look attractive.

The TV stand offers something better than what you get from the conventional rectangular TV stand
Its design is simply out of this world.

You can also install it with ease.


It may be too close to the ground for some end users.

Room divider TV stand idea

This TV stand is created to act as a room divider for the living room and the kitchen. It is created in the form of a minimalistic freestanding wall.


It will hold the TV and also divide the living room from the kitchen & dining area. This makes it a multifunctional product.

The TV stand is created in such a way as not to obstruct movement for those moving between your living room & the dining area.


It does not come with any drawer and this means it cannot serve the purpose of storage in the living room.

Fireplace TV stand

The TV stand is designed in such a way as to house a fireplace. As a result, you will not have to create extra space for a fireplace in the living room, thereby saving space.


This idea is one of the best for those with limited space in their living rooms.

The TV stand, aside from housing the fireplace can also act as a room divider


The location of the TV stand is usually in the center of the living room and this can obstruct movement from one section of the living room to another.

Stand-alone TV stand

Stand 3

As its name suggests, the TV stand stands alone and houses only the TV, thereby removing any form of complication in its setup. The TV stand is also very easy to install; there is no brainer to it at all.


Its design is minimalistic, which makes it perfect for those with space issues in their living room.

Its minimalistic design also makes it a good choice for the bedroom since it will not stand in the way or take up space unnecessarily.


The TV stand features no space for storage and it may be too plain for some end users.

Wall TV unit

The TV stand rests against the wall and helps to save space in the living room. It is also minimalistic, which makes it a good choice for those in love with simple TV stands.


It features drawers at the base for storing odds and ends, as well as, TV external accessories.

Its installation is also very easy.


This TV stand idea is not flexible and this can be a problem for some end users that need something more flexible for their living room.

Its installation may be easy, but it must be done by a trained expert.

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