Top 10 Fresh Kitchen Design Trends For 2015

Are you trying to Get a new Kitchen looks? or are you in process of building brand new home and want a fresh look for your kitchen , or you are restrained by your budget and hence want to make only few key changes in your kitchen Decor. If you are upgrading your kitchen and before you spend any buck its advisable for you to look at current kitchen design trends and innovation around the world in 2015.

For a few of you who wants to express the individuality and also some custom fit designs which can exemplify your kitchen and the mood. There are very few paces that are as important in our homes as the kitchen. This is the place that most people that come into our home will see after the living room and it’s always a place that we need to make as pleasant as possible for our own needs. In this article we are going to be mentioning the top 10 Fresh Kitchen Design Trends for 2015.

Go for the catalog : If you choose a kitchen that is exactly as it looks in a catalog, you will save a lot of money in the remodeling process.

Coastal Kitchen (Via)

Farmhouse style : The good old farmhouse style can be properly implemented to the modern kitchen with durable materials.

coastal Kitchen Design Trends

Airy Open Shelving (Via)

Mix of contemporary elements : This mix can look very good when you have someone who knows exactly how to blend it all together.

Balaclava House contemporary kitchen melbourne

Luxe Metallics (Via)

Bold fixtures : This has become a very common request when people have their kitchen remodeled.

well designed scandinavian kitchen with an undermount sink

Touch Me Textures (Via)

Gray colors are the latest trend : It seems like white is no longer as popular as it used to be and the trend in the modern home is for gray shakes to be used in the kitchen.

IKEA Kitchens (Via)

Black and White : For those who consider gray to be too somber for their kitchen, but they like a sober and elegant look. There is always the good old black and white combination that can look great on a kitchen. The ideal way to mix these colors is to use black on the table tops and on the oven and refrigerator, while you use white for drawers, Windows and general structures.

Classic Black and White Palette Kitchen

Long Narrow Kitchen (Via)

apartamento residencial l vila olimpia transitional-kitchen

Go Bold With Black (Via)

Oil Rubbed Bronze : This is definitely an option that has been quite popular for a lot of people.

Gorgeous contemporary kitchen for those who love black

Vertical Kitchen Drawers (Via)

Storage maximization : Now that we want to have homes that are smaller but spacious, the idea of maximizing storage in the kitchens with drawers within drawers is quite useful.

vertical kitchen storage

Along With Natural Stone (Via)

Automation : Kitchens with sensors that automatically provide water in the sink when a person paces something close enough to the sink are definitely a great time saving feature.

contemporary kitchen design with natural stone

Wood kitchen cabinets : Oak is the most popular wood for the modern kitchen remodeling and it has been requested by quite a few people lately.


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